Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Technical Edits

Alright! The side bar is left aligned the way I wanted it to be. There are knitting specific links that I've tested and actually work. All this took about a half hour once I realized what I needed to do. I'm such a dork. At least I'm not making a creating my knitting blog by using html blog. That's just too far removed from any kind of reality.

A bunch of folks from my stitchn' bitch are getting together tomorrow at someone's apartment. The Point (refer to the link on the side bar!) is putting together 5" x 5" square afghans for Katrina and Rita survivors. 5x5's a bit small isn't it? You'd need a lot of squares to make afghans...well, anywho, we're getting together to knit up some squares and such. It should be exciting. Biggest issue I can come up with is that I don't really knit with acrylic yarn, so I don't have a lot of it to use. My roommate's mother de-stashed onto me this HUGE skein of ugly blue/yellow yarn that feels acrylic, but I have no idea if it really is. It didn't come with a label.

Oh, and I found a pattern for the sweater I'm going to make with the dear gift Madruby gave me. I just need to figure out how many balls of whatever yarn I want to use equals 50g of the yarn that Rowan used...It's a charming sweater though. I'm excited to start it.

I still haven't marveled enough at the fact that some yarns are in grams. As if that's any knid of useful measurement. I also can't help but noticed that it provides ample comparison to actual drug addictions. I guess if you look at it that way, 50g is never enough for a decent yarn buzz, let alone high.

I didn't knit at all today, but I think it's ok since I spent most of my lunch break cherishing the yarns in the Yarn Picks catalogue and thinking about this blog. I need to see if I can shoot some interesting yarn shots for a background for the blog. This might involve me going into random yarn stores in the city, taking pictures of skeins in a sketchy way, and then running away.........

PassionKNIT Beginnings

Whew...I'm not sure quite what happened there. Blogger said that Passionknit and passionknitly were both taken, but i managed to get the sn of Mspassionknitly, which works well enough for me.

Anyway, there's tons aesthetically I need to do before this can be considered anything close to what i want it to be. Be prepared for lots of construction, though I'm intending to get some posts going sometime soon (probably during the weekend when I'll hopefully have a bit more time!

Until then, have a picture of my WIP. It's a two toned Ruffle Scarf from Scarf Style. I'll be posting with the instructions as to how to do two colors at once as soon as I get the rest of the blog underway. I couldn't find the instructions anywhere, and while some Livejournal people were able to help me, I think there should be instructions somewhere a bit more accessible.

WIP Ruffle Scarf