Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why is this post pictureless?

Because to accurately portray my productivity this week, I'd have to take photos away from the blog. I'd rather not do that.

Despite attempting several different times to start the African Grey Jaywalkers, I have ripped them back. The Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn is sitting in the stash bucket because it's been bad. There's really only so many times I'll try to start something. I'll probably pick it up in a bit when I really want to knit a pair of socks.

I forgot backup yarn for the Knit 1 dress, so I didn't work on that. Not to mention that I would have had to have pulled out a chart and soemthing to keep my place on the chart and a pencil and all that jazz. It's just too much effort and takes up too much room on the bus (I ended up sleeping on the bus to and from RI mostly anyway).

I've made a bit of progress on the gift for Zoe's wedding, but I can't show that, now can I?

In case you're wondering where I went this weekend, I went to Rhode Island for an impromptu trip to Block Island. Pictures can be found on my flickr site or here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I can't say much, but...

I've finished another installment of Zoe's wedding gift! That means I only have one more to go!!

Here's the FO shot:


Come now, you didn't think that I'd actually be showing the gift here did you? in public?! That has to wait until the gift has ben given. But they're turning out lovely!

I've also decided that I'm going to make the Perfect Pie Shawl from *gasp* Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick with some of the mohair I have. I need a shawl for work in a bad way. Since I have all this mohair, I might as well use it. I think I'll try to make it a bit bigger, and if it looks alright, I might use the pattern for the hip scarf I plan to make with that sparkly Blue Heron. We need a gratuitous Blue Heron skein shot again I think....


ahhh....much better....

EDIT: Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting responded to my post on the KAL page!!! :D

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Internet's back!!

Firstly, responses to comments:
Jessica: AC is installed and means I can knit in peace this summer!
Carrie: Genuinely glad I could be of amusement!
Schrodinger: They actually did show up, and I've got a whole new modem now!
Mud: Your yanks are a whole game behind now...even with that loss. It was still a great game to watch.
John: Completely unfrazzled!
Karen: The rest of the week was great! And the Sox are currently winning their game now too! (Let's leave out the fact that I root for a knitting related team...)


So what have I been up to? While I flaked out on the yarn crawl last weekend, I did manage to meet up with folks at Knitty City (their website is looking better than it was...but still needs a bit of work). I really liked the store even though there was one older woman customer who pretty much destroyed the Knitty City experience for me. They have all sorts of yarns I haven't found anywhere else. I want to try some of their Frog Tree yarns and a few others. They have some of this there too:

This is Cherry Tree Hill's Supersock yarn in color way African Grey. It's not very grey actually. If I were going to name the color way and it needed to say the word "African" in it, I'd probably call it African Sunset or something. Regardless, it's a pair of nascent Jaywalkers you see there. I'm totally bored with the jaywalker pattern, but the colors in the yarn should provide a bit of amusement and I can do it without thinking. Besides, I looked at a bunch of different patters, and am not entirely sure what other pattern would show off the yarn so beautifully.

I've also been working on Zoe's wedding gift. I'm done with the first two phases, and am really close to finishing the third as well. I think the gift will actually be done on time!

Also, since I didn't have the internet last weekend, I spent considerably less time conversing with people, updating my rediculous number of blogs and much more time knitting while watching the first season of Boston Legal. I'm in love with James Spader. Also, Boston Legal is obviously the best live action show I've seen in forever (Family Guy and the Simpsons have been my favorite tv show for quite some time). So I bought the whole first season of Boston Legal at Target last weekend since I knew I'd need something in the background while I knit to keep my mind occupied. It worked.

Because here's where I am on the dress from Knit 1:

back of dress

That's my couch modelling it for me! Notice anything? The flower's on the wrong side. I'm incapable of reading directions it seems. So, I decided to let it be. The flower will be on the left side. Since I tend to heavily favor my right side, I don't think this will be a problem. I'm hoping that the dress will fit, I'm still a bit unsure of this, but we'll see.

I started in on the back too:

front of dress

I haven't done anything more with the back since last weekend. I'm hoping to give it some action tomorrow.

EDIT: I should say that I was actually reading the chart in the "normal" way for reading a chart. The chart when you do the back of the dress, however, is supposed to be backwards, while the front of the dress is supposed to be normal chart reading. I tend to not follow directions I guess...

Friday, June 02, 2006

The week from hell that won't end

I have this thing with NYC. We have a love/hate relationship. NYC tends to treat me well for about a year, and then I'l have one day in which everything that could possibly go wrong does. I think it's the city's way of telling me that i'm powerless. Well, this year NYC decided to stretch that out to a week. As in, a week long of days where nothing goes right.

My belly dancing class was cancelled on Tuesday.

Wednesday, my Aqua Exercise class was cancelled. So i walked down 6th ave thinking I'd get a slice at Ray's. Well, Ray's was closed for renovations, so I just went to the park. I got chilly and decided to go home. When I got to the subway station I had just missed the train (one of those where you see it pulling away. I got home, and the internet was down, I called Time Warner, and their line was busy, when I finally got ahold of them, they said there was an outage and that it should be fixed in about an hour. It was still down when I left thursday morning (GAH! I had to watch morning tv to get the weather!). Add to this that I felt like I had a piece of celphane stuck in the back of my throat all day yesterday. When I finally go to look at the back of my throat in the mirror last night, I find that one side is extremely angry looking and taking over all of my mouth. I have a feeling it's allergy related, so I'll just wait it out.

My commute home yesterday took an hour even with taking the express train because there was a problem on the R line (big surprise). The internet was still down when I got home, so I called Time Warner who told me that the earliest they could send someone was Tuesday from 12-4. I'm sure glad they could narrow that time period down for me. It's always nice to know when people are going to show up to fix stuff. Also, please note that this is almost a full week after the whole problem with the internet started. Oh, and that's the day of the sox/yankees, if they're late I'm going to be extraordinarily pissed, and of course, they will be late. I think it's in a cable tecnician's job description.

Add to all this the fact that I can't check my personal email from work and that i'm attempting to buy an air conditioner (it's hard to research stuff online when you don't have internet access), and you end up with a frazzled me.