Sunday, January 27, 2013

Knitting To Dos

I write myself a to do list at the beginning of each work week. It helps keep me organized throughout the week, and is there any better feeling than crossing something off of a to do list?!

I try not to have knitting to do lists. I rarely pay attention to my queue on Ravelry because by the time I'm ready to knit the thing on the top of my queue, I've already got my heart set on something altogether different.

This year is a little different. All sorts of life changing events are happening to myself and people I'm close with. What better way to mark these events than to knit? How best to keep myself busy before my March 2014 wedding than to DIY a bit of it? To keep myself sane, and on track, I put together a to do list:

I am pretty close to finishing the Essential Cardigan. After knitting all those Christmas balls a month ago, I really wanted to knit something for ME. I knew there would be a lot of selfless knitting this year, so I thought I'd get a jump on something selfish. I have to finish sleeve 2, block all the pieces, seam it, and work on the collar with buttons. Not too bad.

I'm, at heart, a 1 project at a time kind of knitter. Sure, I'm working on a shawl too right now, but that's really a backup project for when I can't cart the bigger cardigan project around. This year might force me to break that habit.

I really have to get going on the Super Secret project. You can see there that I have set an imminent deadline for myself. Reachable, sure, but not without multitasking.

And then there are the real self-less projects. A project for a baby, and 4 shrugs so my bridesmaids don't get cold during my March wedding. And the sort-of selfish pom-poms for bouquets and table decorations. I have yarn for the baby project, and yarn for the shrugs just shipped. I think I might be in a good place with the bouquets, I have an interesting configuration ready, and I should be getting some help from my bridesmaids on the pom-poms for the centerpieces/table decorations.

Still, I somehow feel stressed about all these projects. Maybe it's the fact that hey all have deadlines. I realized I left a wedding shawl for myself off of the list unintentionally. I just can't handle thinking that so many of these projects are due around the same time.

Most of all the big wedding details, believe it or not, are pretty much nailed down. We have a venue, a date, an officiant, a DJ, and a photographer all lined up. So I guess the stuff that stresses most brides out is more or less complete. I fully acknowledge and admit that I've taken these projects on myself. That I've said I would do them and get them done on time. I guess I'm just a little worried that the me that executes stuff is going to somehow fall short and not follow through on it all.

I've got plenty of time, though. Right?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Knits

Here's the list of projects I managed in 2012. I'm pretty surprised at how much I accomplished. I feel like I finished more projects this year than in previous years, but also the projects I finished were bigger than previous years.

  1. Fireside Wedding Blanket for my Brother and Kristina
  2. Red Vine Yoke Cardigan
  3. Navy Elf Hat
  4. Paris Rainbow Revontuli
  5. Rhodochrosite
  6. Incense Robin Tank
  7. Sunset Color Affection
  8. Crayon Wedge Socks
  9. Forestry Wrapped Pullover
  10. New Dorp Color Affection for Stanley's Sister
  11. Gioielli Gloves with conductive thread for iphone
  12. Aran Tree Skirt
  13. Irresponsible Tam
  14. 14 Christmas Balls

Another year of only one pair of socks, but I'm just dying to knit another pair.

2012 FOs