Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Knits

Here's the list of projects I managed in 2012. I'm pretty surprised at how much I accomplished. I feel like I finished more projects this year than in previous years, but also the projects I finished were bigger than previous years.

  1. Fireside Wedding Blanket for my Brother and Kristina
  2. Red Vine Yoke Cardigan
  3. Navy Elf Hat
  4. Paris Rainbow Revontuli
  5. Rhodochrosite
  6. Incense Robin Tank
  7. Sunset Color Affection
  8. Crayon Wedge Socks
  9. Forestry Wrapped Pullover
  10. New Dorp Color Affection for Stanley's Sister
  11. Gioielli Gloves with conductive thread for iphone
  12. Aran Tree Skirt
  13. Irresponsible Tam
  14. 14 Christmas Balls

Another year of only one pair of socks, but I'm just dying to knit another pair.

2012 FOs

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