Monday, November 24, 2008


One more gift down. Looks like I've only got one more left! I'd show you photos, but I know that Beth reads this damn thing. She reads everything, man!

  • Socks for Stan's Mom
  • Dairy Queen Hat for Stan's Niece
  • Jacques Cousteau hat for Stan's Nephew
  • Half Socks for my brother's girlfriend
  • "Almost A Mystery" project for Beth
  • Flap mittens for my boss
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Sarah
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Rebecca

Jenn vs. Christmas
Jenn: 7 Christmas: 2

So on I go to the final gift: The mittens for my Boss. Now, funny story, my boss just got an amazing new job and as of mid next month will no longer be my boss. I'm still going to knit her mittens though. I feel like she's been a sort of mentor for me over the years. I guess it's my way of thanking her. Also, knitting mittens always feels so magical.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BETH: Don't read this till after Christmas

Alright...with that out of the way...

Seriously, I need help. I'm knitting with Lang Jawool. I'm in Rhode Island. I have no other project with me right now (cringe!). I ran out of the nylon for the toe and am kinda scrambling. You see, I'm not done with the toe, and I haven't yet gotten to the heel either.

Does anyone know anywhere in Rhode Island that sells Lang Jawoll (ravelry link) or even just the nylon stuff? I'm thinking that And the Beadz goes on... or Knit One Purl Too might have it.

The meeting I'm here for doesn't start until noon in Providence, so I have a bit of time tomorrow morning to scavenge...


as a side note...i made it here in 2.5 hours from NY! There was no traffic at all (I left at 7:30) at any point. Not even a smidge in Connecticut! I find this to be an accomplishment! And for those that asked, I didn't really fly...I was doing 80 most of the way.

EDITED TO ADD (11/20/08): I grabbed some at Fresh Purls on Hope Street in Providence after my meetings yesterday. It's not Lang, it's Fortissima, and it's not quite the right color, but it's so thin I'm not sure she's going to notice. I haven't knit all week though. :(

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Christmas Productivity

Newly finished today:
The Dairy Queen Hat for Stan's Niece:

Dairy Queen hat

I did a bit of finagling on this one. I had to make it much smaller than it was supposed to, but it should fit her now.

The Puff Daddy for my Cousin Sarah:

Puff Daddy for Cousin Sarah

The Puff Daddy for my Cousin Rebecca:

Puff Daddy for My Cousin

The Puff Daddys were so much fun to make! They literally took an hour, and barely any yarn at all. They're perfect for stash busting! That being said, I took these gifts as an opportunity to buy a couple more skeins of yarn at Brooklyn General. Sarah's is knit out of Misti Alpaca Chunky in the Sushi Colorway. It was so soft to knit with. I can't wait to knit another one out of it! The one of Rebecca was knit out of Malabrigo Chunky. Also a totally decadent yarn to work with. I have a lot of both of these left over, so they're either going to become a whole series of Puff Daddys or something really creative is going to have to happen with the rest of it.

So where are we now?
  • Socks for Stan's Mom
  • Dairy Queen Hat for Stan's Niece
  • Jacques Cousteau hat for Stan's Nephew
  • Half Socks for my brother's girlfriend
  • "Almost A Mystery" project for Beth
  • Flap mittens for my boss
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Sarah
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Rebecca

Jenn vs. Christmas
Jenn: 6 Christmas: 2

I think it's safe to say, however, that I'm winning Christmas. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Christmas Photos

Time to show you all the Christmas presents thus far:

Socks for Lucille:
Ridges and Ribs partridge heel

Jacques Cousteau hat for Georgie:
Georgie's Jacques Cousteau hat

Halvsies for Kristina:
K's Halvsies

I decided that the best way to solve the Dairy Queen Hat problem was to use Ann Bud's book of patterns, figure out how many stitches to add and all that and to just work the pattern a little smaller than it should be. Time will tell if it works!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Snag in the Christmas Plan

I'm not ready to give Christmas one more point yet, but I have run into a slight issue. I realized a couple of things while looking at the pattern I wanted to use for Stan's neice's hat. Firstly, the gauge is so large, it more than likely won't work with the yarn I've picked out. I think Lamb's Pride Bulky really wasn't made to be knit at 2.5 stitches to the inch. Maybe this means I go out and get some Twinkle yarn, but that means buying more yarn and I was so excited to be using the yarn I have.

Also, the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for the Dairy Queen hat doesn't really do kids sizes. I thought this might be perfect, maybe I'll just knit the Lamb's Pride Bulky in the right gauge and it'll be smaller. By my calculations, however, the hat would be TOO small if I were to knit it like that.

So, fellow bloggers...anyone who reads this...Does anyone know of a pattern that would fit a three year old that I can knit out of Lamb's Pride Bulky? I want it to be kinda different. A little funky instead of just a plain ribbed hat.

I'm doing a ravelry search too, but I wanted to know if anyone maybe found something that I overlooked (I'm really good at overlooking things).

Saturday, November 01, 2008

RHINEBECK Recap, Memes and Christmas Progress

Woa. That's a lot to cover in one post!

Let's start with Rhinebeck! It was really awesome wasn't it!? Saturday I went with some folks from NYC SNB. We met up with some other SNB chicks there. I met a bunch of awesome knitters (though, if I'd gone to the Ravelry noon meet-up I'll bet I would have met more). I got some amazing yarn. And met Franklin and had him sign the awesome book he wrote.

After getting all the yarn out of the way on Saturday, I went back on Sunday with Stan and friends of ours. It was nice to be able to go and just take photos of knitters or fall upstate and sheep and alpcas. It was a great introduction to Stan of the whole knitting thing. He got to experience Rhinebeck without thinking that I'm some sort of yarn crazed knitter (seriously, I kept it under control the whole day!). We watched the Pumpkin Chunkin' contest, wandered around some of the barns, got some lamb, checked out the museum of old stuff, and we found some amazing Vodka Sauce in the food barn (Uncle Pete's!). They had fun, which was awesome because I was worried that the Sheep and Wool Festival would be boring if you weren't there for yarn. Here are some photos of the weekend:

Rhinebeck Mosaic

Alright now, and on to the Meme! Bread and Badger tagged me in a meme about two weeks ago. I'm finally getting to it!
7 Weird Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
  1. I <3 synthesis. Anytime I can blend things together that I like I feel efficient. This is especially true for blending groups of friends together.

  2. I'm right handed but often eat with my left hand.

  3. I'm incapable of doing nothing. Just ask Stan. Last weekend we were hanging out and I kept poking and annoying him.

  4. I speak french fairly well when I'm drunk, but if I start speaking french when I'm drunk, I start thinking in french until I get sober.

  5. I get motion sick REAL bad. Especially on long trips.

  6. I feel nauseous if I eat eggs alone first thing in the morning.

  7. My iPod has over 5,000 songs on it. It also has tons of different genres from trance, polka, pop, house, drum & bass, heavy metal, bhangra, brazilian, country, lounge, french, middle eastern belly dancing music, classic rock...etc...

Oh, according to the rules I have to tag 7 people. So here are the folks I'm tagging:
  1. Illanna
  2. Beth
  3. Kara
  4. Rebecca
  5. Ruth
  6. Claudine
  7. Heather
Enjoy it kids!
So let's see where we stand on The Big Christmas Push 2008 ™:
  • Socks for Stan's Mom
  • Dairy Queen Hat for Stan's Niece
  • Jacques Cousteau hat for Stan's Nephew
  • Half Socks for my brother's girlfriend
  • "Almost A Mystery" project for Beth
  • Flap mittens for my boss
  • NEW! Puff Daddy for Cousin Sarah
  • NEW! Puff Daddy for Cousin Rebecca
Jenn vs. Christmas Jenn: 2 Christmas: 2 Yup, I've gotten a bit done. I'm about 3/4 done with the half socks too. I should probably finish them this weekend if I don't get too drunk tonight or too distracted with blogs and Guitar Hero World Tour (those video games are killing my knitting time!). I have, however added a couple of things. Seriously, who can resist the call of the Puff daddy. I certainly can't. Since I saw that last week, I've felt as though I have to knit like fifty of them and keep quite a few for myself! Now to just find a nice bulky pink yarn with a bit of silver going through it. I'm still thinking I can get all of this done by Christmas. Seriously, I've got about two months left, and I've already gotten through half of it. The things I chose to knit for folks this year are pretty small items and since I've been knitting on the subway (I usually read on the Subway so that I can maintain that obsession as well) I've found that I'm pretty quick at knitting stuff!