Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BETH: Don't read this till after Christmas

Alright...with that out of the way...

Seriously, I need help. I'm knitting with Lang Jawool. I'm in Rhode Island. I have no other project with me right now (cringe!). I ran out of the nylon for the toe and am kinda scrambling. You see, I'm not done with the toe, and I haven't yet gotten to the heel either.

Does anyone know anywhere in Rhode Island that sells Lang Jawoll (ravelry link) or even just the nylon stuff? I'm thinking that And the Beadz goes on... or Knit One Purl Too might have it.

The meeting I'm here for doesn't start until noon in Providence, so I have a bit of time tomorrow morning to scavenge...


as a side note...i made it here in 2.5 hours from NY! There was no traffic at all (I left at 7:30) at any point. Not even a smidge in Connecticut! I find this to be an accomplishment! And for those that asked, I didn't really fly...I was doing 80 most of the way.

EDITED TO ADD (11/20/08): I grabbed some at Fresh Purls on Hope Street in Providence after my meetings yesterday. It's not Lang, it's Fortissima, and it's not quite the right color, but it's so thin I'm not sure she's going to notice. I haven't knit all week though. :(

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