Monday, November 24, 2008


One more gift down. Looks like I've only got one more left! I'd show you photos, but I know that Beth reads this damn thing. She reads everything, man!

  • Socks for Stan's Mom
  • Dairy Queen Hat for Stan's Niece
  • Jacques Cousteau hat for Stan's Nephew
  • Half Socks for my brother's girlfriend
  • "Almost A Mystery" project for Beth
  • Flap mittens for my boss
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Sarah
  • Puff Daddy for Cousin Rebecca

Jenn vs. Christmas
Jenn: 7 Christmas: 2

So on I go to the final gift: The mittens for my Boss. Now, funny story, my boss just got an amazing new job and as of mid next month will no longer be my boss. I'm still going to knit her mittens though. I feel like she's been a sort of mentor for me over the years. I guess it's my way of thanking her. Also, knitting mittens always feels so magical.


Erich said...

What about my socks?

Beta said...

I can't believe the progress you've made on Christmas knitting projects! So impressive and inspiring.
And of COURSE I read whatever you write. But if you give it a title that says I'm not to read it, I'll honor that as well. I still haven't peaked at the last post :)

Erich said...


PassionKNITly said...

No, you saw what she said...she hasn't peaked. :-p

I'm impressed Beth, I totally would have peeked by now. These mittens are dragging though...I hate knitting them.