Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Christmas Photos

Time to show you all the Christmas presents thus far:

Socks for Lucille:
Ridges and Ribs partridge heel

Jacques Cousteau hat for Georgie:
Georgie's Jacques Cousteau hat

Halvsies for Kristina:
K's Halvsies

I decided that the best way to solve the Dairy Queen Hat problem was to use Ann Bud's book of patterns, figure out how many stitches to add and all that and to just work the pattern a little smaller than it should be. Time will tell if it works!

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Jen Anderson said...

That Ann Budd book is a godsend, isn't it? It's not fancy, but it's the book of my dreams. Well, my knitting dreams. You could knit your whole life from just that book. Not that you'd want to, but still.