Friday, June 02, 2006

The week from hell that won't end

I have this thing with NYC. We have a love/hate relationship. NYC tends to treat me well for about a year, and then I'l have one day in which everything that could possibly go wrong does. I think it's the city's way of telling me that i'm powerless. Well, this year NYC decided to stretch that out to a week. As in, a week long of days where nothing goes right.

My belly dancing class was cancelled on Tuesday.

Wednesday, my Aqua Exercise class was cancelled. So i walked down 6th ave thinking I'd get a slice at Ray's. Well, Ray's was closed for renovations, so I just went to the park. I got chilly and decided to go home. When I got to the subway station I had just missed the train (one of those where you see it pulling away. I got home, and the internet was down, I called Time Warner, and their line was busy, when I finally got ahold of them, they said there was an outage and that it should be fixed in about an hour. It was still down when I left thursday morning (GAH! I had to watch morning tv to get the weather!). Add to this that I felt like I had a piece of celphane stuck in the back of my throat all day yesterday. When I finally go to look at the back of my throat in the mirror last night, I find that one side is extremely angry looking and taking over all of my mouth. I have a feeling it's allergy related, so I'll just wait it out.

My commute home yesterday took an hour even with taking the express train because there was a problem on the R line (big surprise). The internet was still down when I got home, so I called Time Warner who told me that the earliest they could send someone was Tuesday from 12-4. I'm sure glad they could narrow that time period down for me. It's always nice to know when people are going to show up to fix stuff. Also, please note that this is almost a full week after the whole problem with the internet started. Oh, and that's the day of the sox/yankees, if they're late I'm going to be extraordinarily pissed, and of course, they will be late. I think it's in a cable tecnician's job description.

Add to all this the fact that I can't check my personal email from work and that i'm attempting to buy an air conditioner (it's hard to research stuff online when you don't have internet access), and you end up with a frazzled me.


Beta said...

yuck. sorry about all the troubles. So first they said it was an outage (as in, everyone was affected) and then its just a problem on your end?
What news on the knitting front?
I leave for Colorado this evening and i've got a half-finished clapotis in the bag!

Jessica said...

Yikes! What a week! Sounds like you need some serious down time. I hope the weekend cools off so you can enjoy yourself, AC or no.

Melissa said...

i second that yuck! NYC can really really suck sometimes. And it never comes here and there. It's ALWAYS all at once!

i totally feel your pain! tonight the ##$@@% N/W trains were out of service (cause of a flood in the tunnel - don't they have money to fix that!). Luckily I was at Lex and 59th, but I had to walk over the Queensboro bridge in the pooring rain! After the strike, I swore I'd never walk across that bridge again - never say never!

carrie said...

i just read the paragraph about your problems on wednesday outloud to my boyfriend. so sad, yet still funny because we've ALL been there. i hope you can get your internet up and running soon!

schrodinger said...

Sorry it turned out to be such a shitty week for you. At least it's cooled down a bit today, so the A/C might not be such a big issue at least for a good night's sleep. And I will keep my fingers crossed for you with TWC and them actually turning up and actually fixing your cable/internet.

PassionKNITly said...

Oh, if they don't turn up I'll be even more pissed! I'm totally going through cable internet withdrawal!

MUD said...

Jenn I've been thinking about you, sorry things are so crappy. At least the Yanks won last night...oh yeah, that's not what you you wanted, sorry!

john said...

Well, I'm glad you're still around. Since I "walked you" to your aqua exercise, almost, I'd hate for cops to be knocking on my door and touting me as the "last person to see her alive"....NOT the kind of drama I need right now. Have you unfrazzled yet?

Karen said...

I too was sad the Sox lost the first two, but they did good last night :-)

hope your week is getting better (it's Friday, so it should be)