Wednesday, September 28, 2005

PassionKNIT Beginnings

Whew...I'm not sure quite what happened there. Blogger said that Passionknit and passionknitly were both taken, but i managed to get the sn of Mspassionknitly, which works well enough for me.

Anyway, there's tons aesthetically I need to do before this can be considered anything close to what i want it to be. Be prepared for lots of construction, though I'm intending to get some posts going sometime soon (probably during the weekend when I'll hopefully have a bit more time!

Until then, have a picture of my WIP. It's a two toned Ruffle Scarf from Scarf Style. I'll be posting with the instructions as to how to do two colors at once as soon as I get the rest of the blog underway. I couldn't find the instructions anywhere, and while some Livejournal people were able to help me, I think there should be instructions somewhere a bit more accessible.

WIP Ruffle Scarf


Betsy said...

I actually really like the colors and aesthetics so far. Nice job :)

PassionKNITly said...

BETSY...I know who you are you! things must be modified, i must be able to pick colors and stuff...assuming you're talking about the blog and not the knitting...heh.