Monday, June 04, 2007

To tide you over

I have a couple posts on the way...

1) Why you should photocopy your patterns and put them in page protectors when you schlepp them around with you.
2) Interesting upcoming craft books I found at BEA
3) Re-Meeting Stephanie Pearl-McPhee at BEA (proof! here!)

But firstly, I have to commend my roommate Ann for taking a fabulous photo of the first completed sock of my new pair:

Rhode Island Red Sock

I'm calling this my Rhode Island Red Sock (when they're both complete, it'll be Rhode Island Red Sox!)

The pattern is the Cable Rib Socks from Favorite Socks. I'm knitting it with some Socks That Rock in colorway Rhode Island Red. Ravi wanted to know what weight it is - it's medium weight. If you recall, Kim from Some Bunny's Love sent this to me in a nice care package with some nifty needles and some coffee syrup. (Kim, I'm STILL waiting for an integral part of your care package to arrive...when it does...woa boy, watch out!)

I LOVE THIS YARN. It's up there on my top two sock yarns. Tied for first place with Mountain Colors Bear feet. It's just so easy to work with and pools so beautifully. I've had issues in the past with variegated yarn pooling in very odd forms (for reference, see the River Rapids Socks or the first pair of Jaywalkers, so it's nice to finally get a yarn that when it pools, doesn't pool in a horrible way. The fact that it's great to work with, AND it pools nicely, for me, that is what makes it a great sock yarn.


Emily said...

I love them! And their name!

CityMinx said...

so i saw your pic on the harlot's blog and rushed right over here to leave a comment and you already knew about it.

so cool!