Sunday, August 19, 2007

New projects!

So much has been going on! I went to Cape Cod last weekend to visit my grandparents. My grandma is the reason I started knitting. She knit me this awesome poncho and I couldn't figure out how it worked, so I started trying to figure it out. Do you want to see how awesome my grandma is? This is what she's in the process of knitting:


She bought the yarn from Knit Picks and it came with a pattern for a vest that was on the cover of the magazine. She's never done steeks before, so she's kinda nervous about that, but it looks absolutely beautiful (and crazy!).

While I was there, I asked her to help me out a bit. I found some adorable fabric at Purl Patchwork a few months ago. I've never sewed before, so I wanted to sew something simple (I chose a skirt) and I knew my grandmother knows how to sew (she's made a lot of quilts). So it took us just a few hours to whip up this little number:


I LOVE how it came out! I love the mushrooms, the style, all of it! Do you want to see the invisible zipper?


I totally feel like I need a sewing machine now and I want to do like all these projects and everything. I loved how instantly it gratified my need for an FO, and how it's like...(this is going to sound stupid) real clothes!!!

Pretty much all I did while I was on that little mini vaca was knit. I mostly knit the clapotis, which is now finished. Here's a still WIP shot. I have to block it still.


My grandparents live on a lake...which is what that is in the background there (not sky). I'm taking Friday off of work, but hopefully, I'll already be packed by then so I can just set to blocking things. First on the blocking table is Icarus. I'll be making my bed before I go and then I'll soak and pin Icarus out to block. When I get back from BM, She should be wearable!

I think I'm going to steam block the clap, because, let's be honest here kids, I don't really care if the clap is perfect or not.

I've started a couple new projects (OMG this is the longest post ever) - which can be seen from my ravelry page. :) Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks are on my needles right now. I just started the Fair Isle bits:


I saw the colors together at the store and knew they had to be together. This is my first time doing a toe up sock, and I must say, I like it a lot better than cuff down. I tend to get excited when i get towards the toe, which means I start decreasing too early and all of a sudden I end up with socks that are too small for me. Well, these are bound to fit perfectly as long as the fair isle doesn't end up getting too tight. The yarn is Koigu KPM. I've never used it before, but I must say that I really like working with it. At some point, I'll post a hierarchy of sock yarns. This one's in the top 5 for sure!


Jennu said...

For the love of all that is good and yarny, do not block the Clapotis!!!! I'm getting the epizootics just thinking about it.

You're not supposed to block it. Blocking flattens out the ripples. Kate Gilbert has said that she's against blocking it on her blog (and on Ravelry).

She's also said that she prefers the way the "wrong" side looks (and I agree as far as my own clap is concerned), so feel free to wear it purl side out if you think that looks better.

PassionKNITly said...

OK. Cool. That means it's done! :)

I agree, I like the purl side out.

Rebecca said...

Goodness, that is one cute skirt! How cool is your grandma?!

PassionKNITly said...

my grandma is ULTRA cool!

AJ said...

Your grandma kicks ass! :) Love the knitting. And the green and pink really do go well together! Koigu kicks ass too!

Mary Hawkins said...

That is some serious fair isle! Eat it, Kaffe!

meg(aphone) said...

Your grandma is my new goddess!! My lord that is some wonderful color work. What an inspiration for you!!