Sunday, October 07, 2007

Berkshire Trading Socks and Shania Twain's Sweater

It's kinda odd...I feel like now that all my stuff is on ravelry, I don't have as much of a reason to keep on top of the progress of my projects on my blog. Maybe it's just because I haven't felt much like writing either. Regardless, there's a lot more knitting stuff out there than I thought there was! Only thing is that when I take so long to post, I end up with these huge posts. Please forgive the verbosity!

The tattoo is almost completely healed and it looks GREAT!

I'm almost done with the second sleeve of the Berkshire Pullover as can be evidenced by the photo below...

Berkshire Pullover almost done!

I just have to do three more repeats of the decreasing pattern to get the sleeve
done, then sew down the cuff of the sleeve and the sweater.

Speaking of cuffs of the sweater, what do you think of this?

berkshire pullover sleeve cuff detail

I'm not too fond of how the cuff is rolling up like that, but I'm not sure if that's something that will flatten out if I block it. The photo of the sweater has flat cuffs (both sleeve cuffs and the bottom cuff of the sweater), which is interesting because the sweater is knit in stockinette. I would like to maintain that look, so what I decided to do was to knit a couple extra rows, and purl a turning row. Then afterwards, to sew the cuff down. I tried to do this on the first sleeve, but I'm not sure it turned out ok. I'm afraid that the yarn is too bulky to do this method with. What do you folks think?

In other project related news, I finished the Jack Sparrows Favorite Socks

Finished Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks

They were made out of Koigu on size 2 addis and will now reside with my roommate.

So to make up for the fact that I needed another sock going (have to have something to do while waiting for things!) I started a Monkey Sock.

started Monkey

I'm also knitting it on a pair of size two addis, but this time it's being knit out of Great Adirondack's Silky Sock in colorway Antique. I really love the feel of the yarn, and I have a feeling that it's going to end up being a strong pair. I'm feeling they could probably be smaller, but I think it'll be ok.

In completely other news, my friend, after seeing the video for Forever and For Always by Shania Twain, decided his wife needed the sweater in the video. He actually asked me to knit it, for her, and I might actually do it, if I can figure it out. Probably even just for the challenge of it. Here's the video:

Hope that works for you. So I've googled to see if anyone on craftster or anywhere else has already figured this out with no success. Basically, what I think is that the cuffs are knitted. Then, there's a front piece that's knitted from picked up stitches from the cuffs. After that, I'd say there's a piece that's knitted for the back and sewed to the front piece around the bust to make it shirt like. It'd be much thinner than the front piece, and it'd have to be twisted as well.

Does that seem right from what you can see? seems like a rather bulky yarn with a 1x1 slip stitch rib or something.


Sarah said...

I'm not convinced that is a sweater and not just a scarf that a stylist pinned...but I could be wrong!

Rebecca said...

Horray for the Berkshire Pullover! I'm glad the gauge finally worked out!

Claudine said...

I think I have the "sweater" figured out. It is hard to describe in words. I'll bring visual aids on Tuesday and show you.

mary hawkins said...

I agree with the "cleverly pinned scarf" idea. I think it is basically a big piece of fabric with two arm tubes and a piece picked up and worked across to form the back. I doubt it has much of a back, actually...

cbspock said...

It is two scarves according to an interview Shania did back during her promotion for her album Up!.

Unfortunately she hasn't donated the top to the Shania Twain Centre so I couldn't tell you what it looks like up close.


pinklemon12 said...

There are directions (sort of) for how to make Shania Twain's sweater/shirt on
they are in the first post by Reekneed, and describe how the sweater is indeed one scarf, sewn to fit Shania.