Monday, May 05, 2008

Thelonious Yoke Cardigan?

Finished TYC modeled

I finished the TYC! Doesn't it look darling! One of the few sweaters I've knit that I think I'll actually wear! It's great for these spring days that are too warm for a jacket but too chilly to just wear a shirt. I made the bottom about an inch longer and the sleeves a bit longer too. I actually don't even think the sleeves needed it. They're actually a bit *too* long now. The button holes I made are a bit big, so I'm going to have to sew them shut a bit, or just use the surrounding holes from the knitting instead of the button holes. I put on the buttons last week while waiting for my flight to leave out of Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (really, that's just a big mouth full for "barn with tiny planes nearby"). I found this lady:

Northwest Regional Arkansas Airport Knitter

Out of respect I didn't ask her what she was knitting (I gathered it was small and on wooden/bamboo DPNs), or even say hi, lest she think I crazy. I turned right back to my buttons.

Tonight, I managed to finish the leg of one of the Thelonious Socks that I started when I was in LA. Doesn't it look great!?

Thelonious detail

I love the stitch pattern. Which is good, because it looks like I'll be doing it at least three more times. Look at my issue:

Theloneous SNAFU

yup. either my gauge was off, or i did the wrong size. Looks like I'll be sizing up for this one. Going from a small size to a large. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the size 0 needles I'm using, but they make a nice solid fabric that I think will hold up to the wear and tear that is my feet better than any other gauge.

So, back into a ball it is now. I'll re-cast on at SNB tomorrow night. I don't think I can focus on anything else except that right now, otherwise I'd totally lose it.


illanna said...

Argghhh your Yoke Cardigan is so beautiful and perfect, I can't take it. It fits great... and you were worried. Sorry about your socks, but at least you get to use that luscious yarn a bit longer. They look great in that color!

Monique said...

beautiful tangled yoke cardi! I love the rich red--i bet you'll get the chance to wear it a lot this spring until it gets warmer.