Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sock Pair #2 Down!

Flower Power Bellatrix

The Bellatrix Socks (Ravelry Link) are my second pair of socks for the Sock Off with Claudine (who I'd link to, but she hasn't updated since May). I really loved the lightweight STR and I think that the colors did really cool things. Also, please note that there's absolutely NO color pooling! How awesome is that!!??

So these socks were successful!
But right now I'm taking a break from socks. I'm knitting the Passionflower Tank top from Sublime #610. Instead of knitting it out of the Soya Cotton, however, I'm knitting it out of Louet Linen. I wish I could show you what it looks like, but I can't seem to find any site that has a photo of it that doesn't run retartedly slow.

So...enough project news...there's been quite a bit of acquisitions chez PassionKNITly!

Firstly, Natalia gave me this yarn below:

<Unknown Yarn

I have no idea what it's made of. It feels like wool, but there are some long fibers in there that make me think there's some alpaca or llama in it as well. Natalia said she thought it was possibly Manos, but the consistency of the spin seems a little too consistent to be Manos. At any rate, I think I'm going to turn it into a hat of some kind eventually.

I have awesome friends, who, when they saw some STR lightweight while they were on vacation in Toronto picked some up for me!

STR Lightweight Backstabber

The color way is called Backstabber. I hope they weren't trying to tell me soemthing by picking up that color way, however, I do love the color. It reminds me of the Fleece Artist sock yarn I knit those Boot Socks from Favorite Socks out of (may they rest in peace).

On Friday, I went to meet Illana at Brooklyn General. She works there on Fridays and Saturdays, so go say hello to her! I've really only been to Brooklyn General once, and I haven't been since they've moved, although I've been driven by it plenty. I LOVE THIS STORE! I so wish they weren't so far away! I would go there to knit and stare at the yarn and the pretty fabrics and the massive amount of books they sell and everything else there for DAYS and DAYS and DAYS!! It's such a great place, you've really gotta go there!

While I was there, I was forced at gunpoint by Illana to buy things. So I did (you know, I really do value life!).

Rowan Denim

I started with a bit of Rowan Denim yarn because I still want to knit that ripple skirt from the Spring 2007 IK. Stan's not a huge fan of jean skirts, actually, he hates them. But I maintain that since this is a knitted jean skirt that it should be different. He said he'd give it a shot. The skirt really doesn't look like a typical jean skirt anyway, so he should probably quit his whining.

Also while at Brooklyn General, I managed to pick up a Lexie Barnes circular needle holder.

Lexie Barnes in and out

Awesome photoshopping skills eh? I wanted to show the inside and the outside. I love the fabrics, I think it's really neat. Finally I have something to store the plethora of circular knitting needles in! It's still empty, but sometime soon I'll move them all in there.

And I just wanted to leave you with one gratuitous shot of myself. My friend Alicia took it at Natalia and Alex's wedding a couple weeks ago. I think it's a better one of me recently and makes me look really cute. Also, that massive paper pouf behind me is really awesome! :)

Me at Alex and Nat's Wedding


CityMinx said...

You really look like Maggie Gyllenhal in that photo!

And, love the STR that you got - might have to 'backstab' you to get my mitts on it. bwah hahaha

Kara said...

Yes, Maggie Gyllenhal!!! Just what I was going to say. Very cute.

MUDNYC said...

OMG your hair is so long!

Bethany said...

Love the bellatrix socks. nice work. I've thought of starting a pair, just not sure i'd have the time or courage. yours look lovely tho.