Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Stitches: 2008 Edition

The yearly list of Finished Objects! Comments are in italics and I've tried to include links to photos on flickr.

  • Noro Socks these already have holes in them :( - Flickr

  • Frog Prince - Flickr

  • Sky Master Noro Socks these also already have holes in them and one sock is way too short - Flickr

  • Tangled Yoke Cardigan I accidentally felted this one and will probably knit another - Flickr

  • Over the Knee Stockings - Flickr

  • Flower Power Bellatrix Socks - Flickr

  • Sublime Passion Flower Tank - Flickr

  • Jasmine - Flickr

  • Georgie's Jacques Cousteau hat - Flickr

  • Halvsies for K I think I'll make this pattern available at some point in 2009 - Flickr

  • Ridges and Ribs Socks for Lucille She wasn't expecting these at all! :) - Flickr

  • Katelynn's Dairy Hat - Flickr

  • Puff Daddy for Rebecca - Flickr

  • Puff Daddy for Sarah - Flickr

  • Red Sox Socks for Beth - Flickr

  • Lori's Flap Top Mittens - Flickr

  • Feather and Fan Cowl - Flickr

I was hoping to get that snowboarding hat done by the time the ball dropped last night, but I ran out of yarn and was kind of far away from finishing it anyway (I've got at least two more repeats to do before the decreases).

2009 started on a good foot though, as I managed to drink and knit at the same exact moment. It was somewhat awkward, but I proved to myself that it was possible. A photo exists on a cell phone belonging to some guy named Joe. If he posts that to facebook (I so hope he does!) I'll share it!

2009 starts off with a mystery gift for Illanna and her fiancé, the Hemlock Ring Blanket, Jeanie, the Cabled snowboarding hat and the Koi needlepoint project that's so close to being done I can taste it! My mother also bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, so hopefully you'll be seeing some nifty projects coming forth from that as well. I'm so itching to give it a go!

Happy New Year!!


Beta said...

Great post!
Hey, has Stan's mom eased up on afghan mentions since she got the socks?
I haven't posted forever. I'm thinking your year in review wrap up will inspire me to do a similar post.
I must see this drinking and knitting pic - a straw seemed like the only way possible but I'm guessing you didn't use one.

PassionKNITly said...

I totally didn't use a straw, it was awesome!

I haven't seen Stan's mom since she got the socks and she usually makes the comments when I'm knitting the afghan in front of her. That might actually happen this stay tuned!! :D