Friday, January 23, 2009

On the Hemlock Ring Blanket and Apps

First things first. I pretty much finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket a bit ago.

Hemlock Ring FO 5

The bind off kind of took forever and a day. But she's about 95% done. She needs to be blocked hardcore. I was going to do that this weekend. Stan and I are headed to the Poconos to learn how to snowboard and I thought it would be great to get it blocking so that it'd be dry by the time I got back. But I'm feeling somewhat lazy tonight, so I'm not blocking it tonight and instead am using my bed tonight (he's picking me up when he gets out of work, sometime before 8am). I just decided that I'll block it next weekend.

So, I haven't really knit a lot this week because I got an iPhone on Monday (I named it stitches and my wallpaper is the awesome photo of the Monkey socks I knit out of Great Adirondak's Silky Sock). I've been staying up till 2am every night pretty much playing with it because it's fun. I was kind of suprised that there weren't all that many knitting apps. So here's my wish list for the worlds iPhone app programers out there. I think these ideas have merit, hell, I'd even pay for a few of them myself, and honestly, I don't have the capability to create them. I have created iPhone app type names for them for your amusement.

  • iQueue: This app would let you import your Ravelry queue onto your iPhone/iPod touch. You could then use the queue as a guide at yarn stores and sheep and wool festivals to determine how much yarn you would need to create the project.

  • Yarn Requirements: Pretty simple. You know those Yarn Requirement pamphlets you see at the register of your LYS? Digitize-em! Maybe even put in an estimate for a lacy version and a cabled version.

  • Knitionary: A dictionary that takes knitting shorthand and translates it into English or the developer's preferred language (but really, English would be awesome!)

I felt like I had more than that but I can't remember any of them. What do you think? Anyone want to take a stab at them? Anyone have any further recommendations? Kinda makes me wish I knew more programmers, or even how to program. Unfortunately, the world has moved way beyond my rudimentary knowledge of BASIC and QuickBASIC, so everyone loses!


illanna said...

danny knows how to program apps and he is always thinking of knitting ones. I'll pass your list along to him, but just to warn you, his preferred language is brooklynese!! Ps I'm commenting from my iPhone!!!

Katy said...

My hemlock is stalled and sitting under my desk. Maybe I'll dig it out tonight while I watch movies. Enjoy the snowboarding!

Kara said...

Congrats on the iPhone. Those app ideas are great. There would be a big market for them. Hope some programmers are listening.

Rebecca said...

Oooh how was snowboarding?!
I've paused on my HRB because I don't have a circular needle long enough! Must buy one *now*.

PassionKNITly said...

Heh. brooklynese works for me! Dude, I bet knitters would even pay for apps that helpful!

I hope I remember to block the HRB!

Thanks Kara. I <3 the new iPhone. I can hardly stop playing with it! Don't know what I did without it!!!

Snowboarding was and still is painful. My knees are all black and blue but I'm so frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to do it that I need to give it another shot.