Monday, May 18, 2009


This poll closes on May 21st at 9:30pm so I can pack accordingly for Memorial Day weekend in Rhode Island

Check it out! I figured out how to add a poll into blogger!

Because it was just showing up as naked code when I put in links, I took out the links to the photos. Here are the options:

Have I mentioned that I'm bored to death of Garter Stitch?


illanna said...

I voted for the tank top. It's all stockinette and it will be very boring for you MUAHAHHAHAHAH! The reason I voted for it is if you make it now, you'll be able to wear it all summer long. Also, it's the newest yarn in your stash. I am using the LIFO system here.

Claudine said...

I say the skirt. Some stockinette, some lace - hopefully not too boring. If you make it out of some merino and the right color, it could be a year round skirt.