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BEA 2009

This past weekend was Book Expo America in NYC. Some publishers scaled back significantly, some publishers didn't even exhibit. Unfortunately, Interweave Press wasn't at the show, which is a serious bummer because I love checking out their books. But many other publishers were there, and while they didn't all have dummies of the books lying around, I was able to nab some cool catalogs. Here's a recap with reviews of what I saw:

The Knitter's Book of Wool
$30.00 | October 2009 | Hardcover
Clara Parkes

This looks to be a fabulous companion to 2007's A Knitter's Book of Yarn. There are tips as to which types of wool should be used for which types of projects as well as 20 projects. The projects look to be rather classic items (just the kind I like!). I'll probably end up buying this to compliment A Knitter's Book of Yarn. It seems to be a rather helpful reference.

The Sewing Bible
$35.00 | November 2009 | Hardcover
Ruth Singer

This seems to be a be-all-end-all sewing reference with 204 pages. Its got how-to info as well as patterns. It boasts the ability to guide one from beginners lessons like threading a needle to masterclasses like couture hemming. While this book seems all-encompassing and amazing, I'm sure it won't come near DK's The Sewing Book. Firstly, DK tried to show beginner and advanced skills, but I think we keep it to skills we think people will actually use. Ours is also 400 pages and has an index. So there.

Men's Knits
$21.99 | September 2009 | Paperback
Erika Knight

Men's knitting books are always a little dicey for me. I worry that the design might not be manly enough. I worry the colors won't be right or that even if I knit a monstrous sweater for one of the guys in my life that it will sit in a drawer un-used. I'm pretty sure that's where the Reflection Aran Pullover is (Ravelry Link). Erika Knight's book seems to be an answer to that, but I'm not convinced that some of the patterns are...shall we say, British.

A Rainbow of Stitches
$24.99 | October 2009 | Paperback
Muriel Brunet

Now, it's a bit of a miss-placed book here I guess. This book is about embroidery and stitching, not knitting. The book looks much more contemporary than Super Stitches Crochet and Super Stitches Knitting (the comparative titles listed on the catalog page). I actually got quite inspired looking at the few spreads in the catalog. I've given embroidery a shot and kind of liked it, so maybe I'll pick this book up.

Haiku Knits
$29.99 | October 2009 | Hardcover
Tanya Alpert

Not surprisingly, Haiku knits pulls its inspiration from both Japan and nature. The sample garments shown in the catalog look rather simple, classic, and chic like you'd expect them to. From the catalog each pattern is introduced by explaining the inspiration behind it and there are five nature-themed categories
  • Lingering Snow - covers cold-weather wear

  • Wind and Stream - includes transitional garments for spring and fall

  • Ocean Breeze - comprises of summer designs

  • Fading Light - has designs for night time

  • Beauty in Motion - is comprised of garments with a casual, relaxed feel.

I can see myself enjoying this book for similar reasons I enjoyed Knitting Nature.

Luxe Knits
$24.95 | August 2009 | Hardcover
Laura Zukaite

there wasn't a lot of information on this book or the patterns within in Sterling's catalog. they mainly focused on Laura Zukaite, the author. She's billed as a rising star, though most of the information I could find on her was from 2005-2006. I do seem to like her style (think Dragonfly from Knitty and Rambling Rose from IK - both Ravelry links), but I'll wait to see more designs before I decide to buy the book or not.

Pretty Little Presents
$17.95 | August 2009 | Hardcover

There's not much to say on this book. It seems to be in direct competition with Last Minute Patchwork Gifts (just minus the patchwork part). The projects include coasters, napkin rings, a notebook cover, wedding portfolio, a doll and hanging art. I must say, I can't wait for this book to come out so I can whip up a few gifts of my own!

The Joy of Sox
$22.95 | October 2009 | Concealed wire-o
Linda Kopp

Something about this book is missing the mark for me. Maybe it's the fact that a pair of legwarmers are on the cover of this book when it's supposed to be about sox. maybe I feel they're using my team's name in vain. I'm not quite sure. It does look like it will include a diverse array of sock-like projects. it seems they had an online sock poll and the results of that are in the sock book. They'll also be offering a free pattern online when you buy the book. I just can't pin my finger on why I don't like this book...maybe it will surprise me.

$22.95 | October 2009 | Paperback
Vickie Howell

There's not much on this book except its by Vickie Howell and uses "green" yarns like soy, corn and hemp. I'm not a fan of her style, but I am somewhat curious about this book.

Pure Knits
$19.95 | November 2009 | Paperback
Yahaira Ferreira

The author of Sensual Knits is back with this book! All the patterns in this book are knit in white luxury yarns. if you can look beyond these constraints (white for me is a magnet for pasta sauce and luxury yarns tend to be beyond my budget, but substitutions can always be made), I'm pretty confident you'll find some beautiful designs here.

Pretty Little Things to Make
$19.95 | August 2009 | Hardcover
Judith More

I really love vintage stuff from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. I know it doesn't seem that way, you never see me wearing such thing, but it's true. Especially when you throw kids into the mix. All 20 projects from the book are for babies and toddlers, so all you folks I'm friends with that have gotten married, you should like, start procreating so I can finally start working on smaller projects. Oh, and this is a sewing book, not a knitting book.

Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch
$19.95 | November 2009 | Hardcover
Nicky Epstein

This book is sure to be as fabulous and ornate as Nicky's previous titles, though the cover is rather simple. I've heard of knitting a prayer with each stitch, but appreciate the title of this book for its secular (if cheesy) nature.

$24.95 | October 2009 | Hardcover
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

You know the yarns, you know the colors, you've seen their patterns, but this...this is different. This brings the yarn back to the maker: Eisaku Noro. he discusses knitting, his craft and his dedication to sustainability. The book also have 40 (!) patterns, but honestly, I want to know about the man behind the yarn!

$19.95 | November 2009 | Paperback
Cathy Carron

Did you ever know there could be over 40 hat patterns? Well, it seems like there are because this book has patterns for so many. All hats all the time. This would probably be a rather fun reference to have, and great for anyone that knits hats for charity. Too bad it's not coming out any earlier so you could use it for holiday charity work.

$24.95 | January 2010 | Hardcover
Louisa Harding

OMG. Simple title, simple style, amazing designer, what more can one ask for in a book? Maybe a sooner pub date because I know I'm going to want to knit from this next week!

Stitch n' Bitch Extreme: Take it to the Next Level
$16.95 | January 2010 | Paperback
Debbie Stoller

Yup! She's back! For those who want to go beyond the basics, Debbie's here to guide us! This book will go into lace, color work, double knitting, beading, steeks and crochet embellishments. She'll instruct how to make your own lace panel and how to design your own garments. if that's not enough, the book also boasts 41 edgy patterns, more than double the number of patterns in her previous titles. The description of this book is making me wonder if she's not the new Elizabeth Zimmerman (in the "you're the boss of your knitting" kind of way).

WORKMAN - Storey Publishing
One Yard Wonders
$19.95 | October 2009 | Paperback
Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins

I just sort of started sewing. I do have a stash, but it's a pretty small one. the one skein wonders books are good for stash busting, but I anticipate this book to be great for leaning how to do stuff with minimal amounts of fabric so that if I want to cheap out on a project, I can. This book is on the top of my Fall 09 want list.

Knitted Socks East and West
$22.50 | September 2009 | Paperback
Judy Sumner

This title somewhat confused me until I read the subtitle: "30 Designs inspired by Japanese Stitch Patterns." The Japanese stitch patterns bring a fascinating new dimension to sock design, and all the socks in the book are named after an intriguing part of Japanese culture. I wonder if there's a cute pair of socks with a cherry blossom motif...

One More Skein
$19.95 | September 2009 | Paperback
Leigh Radford

The thing I hated about One Skein is that a lot of the projects took more than one skein to complete. There are many ways to use one skein of yarn, I feel, and if the majority of patterns in a book require more than one skein, the title should be changed. this book seems to be of the same vein, and I'll probably boycott it for that reason.

Reversible Knitting
$29.95 | October 2009 | Hardcover
Lynne Barr

So this book looks awesome! Stitch patterns that are reversible are swatched and photographed. But there are also 20 projects int a range of categories to knit with some great designers behind them (Norah Gaughan among them!). those of us who crave reversible scarves and blankets will be all over this like chocolate to a kid's face!

Rowan's Greatest Knits
$24.95 | September 2009 | Hardcover
Edited by Kate Buller

So many popular musicians put out "best of" albums that I'm surprised that more magazines don't do so. Without really looking at all of the patterns in this book, I can't really say how good I think it will be. Kaffe Fasset wrote the foreword to this book, which also includes his design talent, as well as the design talent of the usual Rowan suspects.

I hope you find something in here you like. I know I did. I added so much to my amazon wish list while writing this post!

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