Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knitting for Others

This has been a rather wild time. In the span of a couple of weeks I accepted a new job at a new company, moved out of my old apartment and in with my boyfriend on Staten Island (!?) and leased a car. The world seems new again, and though my commute has increased exponentially compared to how it was in Brooklyn, I seem to not be knitting anything at all for myself!

I finished a sample for Berroco that will be in Norah Gaughan's new booklet for spring. It was really exciting to do something like that and see the garment before anyone else (it's really awesome and I'll point it out when the booklet comes out), but it was somewhat stressful knitting with a deadline.

But I'm not letting that stop me! In the upcoming months I have a friend getting married, a family member (my brother) getting married, and two friends are having babies. This is a LOT of knitting for others!

To start, I'm knitting a pair of pillows for my friend who's getting married in a couple of weeks. Neither the couple, nor the pillows are fancy. I'm taking some Ikea pillows that are still good from an old couch I had and am knitting a case for them, essentially. I'm taking a twisted carrot motif that was on their invitations and incorporating it onto the front.

Here's where I need YOUR help. Where can I find some software or an online generator to chart out the image? I've searched online, but I can't find anything that is exactly what I want. I want to upload the image, and input the size I want it to end up being, along with the gauge I've gotten. This doesn't seem too complex, but it's that last bit that I seem to be having trouble with.

Any advice?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried this?:

Beth said...

I was also going to suggest microrevolt's knitpro. But I guess it's based on finished size rather than gauge.

Beth said...

This site mentions a downloadable tool in addition to knitpro:

Passionknitly said...

Yeah, the main problem with the microrevolt one is that it doesn't take gauge into consideration. I remember a tool being mentioned in the second SNB book, but I don't have it with me...
Beth, I'll have to check out that program when I get back to NY. I'm in Rhody right now and don't want to put it on mom's machine.

Passionknitly said...

ack! I can't download that program on a mac!!

And I'm at the point where I actually need the chart now. But I don't have a chart and I'm anxious!