Saturday, February 19, 2011

Delinquent Blogger

I've been up to a lot recently.
Let's start with what I was up to in 2010.
  1. Pearl Ten Malabrigo Feather and Fan Cowl
  2. Bergen Street Mits
  3. Sock 2 of the Pinstriped Jaywalkers - I got sock one and skein 2 at a swap, I just needed to complete the second sock
  4. Hoot - an owl barrette for Kara
  5. Sparkly Spiral Knee Socks
  6. *KNITTING OLYMPICS PROJECT* Tangled Yoke Cardigan (didn't finish in time for a medal, but I did finish it, and I wear it all.the.time.)
  7. Ingenue from Custom Knits
  8. Bee Sweet Mohair shawl on the Bias - this was a sample I knit for Annie & Company Knitting
  9. Damson - this was also a sample for Annie & Company Knitting. I loved this pattern and will no doubt knit it again.
  10. Brown Baby Bobbi Bear for Desi, Illanna's baby!
  11. Ishbel - this was also a sample for Annie & Company Knitting. They forced me to knit it out of Jade Sapphire 2-ply Cashmere. It's dreamy. I ended up returning some yarn at Purl yesterday and got some Jade Sapphire 2-Ply Cashmere/Silk to knit one for myself.
  12. Rainbow Half-Assed Leyburns - Maybe I'll knit the actual pattern sometime. I was too lazy and the pattern wasn't showing up in the solid colored yarn I was using. Still love these socks though. They make me happy.
  13. Seraphim - I started this shawl in Hawaii in 09 and finished it sometime in the summer of 2010.
  14. Silken Straw V-Tee - I decided to turn this into a tank top, but I might try to put some sleeves on it anyway. Kaplan has some sort of policy where you can't wear tank tops to work.
  15. Monhegan - I knit this sample for Nora Gaughan. Unfortunately, every time she's pinged me to knit a sample for her after this I've been busy. The most recent time with freelance for The Knitting Book
    - forthcoming from DK Publishing. :(
  16. Kai Mei socks by Cookie A.
  17. Twisted Carrot pillows for Heidi & Stew's wedding gift
  18. Briar Rose Quincy hat - which I've already forgotten in a cab and have lost
  19. Briar Rose Quincy Scarf - which still matches the hat, wherever the hat is...
  20. Nutkins out of Mountain Colors Barefoot in Mountain Tango colorway - God, I love these socks. This yarn is still one of my favorite sock yarns.

The only reason I got so much done was because I spent a few months there being unemployed. The stash came in REAL handy, I'll tell you what. I really wish there were a viable way for me to just knit all the time and support myself that way. The amount of money I was bringing in during that time from knitting, however, just wouldn't have cut it on its own (I should give a shout out to the Federal and NYS Department of Labor for those unemployment benefits).

In 2011 so far, I've managed to knit two baby gifts already.
A Robbie Robot from DangerCrafts for Bess and Jeff's baby boy (born this week!).

Robot for Bess and Jeff's Baby

This pattern was fun, but for some reason kept crashing the Goodreader app on my iPad. It worked fine on the Goodreader app on my iPhone 4 though.

And yet another Baby Bobbi Bear for Beth and Erich's baby boy to come. (I can't get enough of this pattern, it's so adorable!)

Baby Bobbi Bear for Beth

I'm working on a gift for my brother's wedding and I'd also like to knit an Ishbel before wedding season because I know I'm going to get cold at all these weddings. I had some extra yarn from the Robbie Robot and the Baby Bobbi Bear to return to Purl on Friday, so I picked up some Jade Sapphire 2-ply Silk Cashmere in Sterling:

Jade Sapphire 2-ply Cashmere/Silk

I think that'll be a gorgeous Ishbel, right?!

I have so much more I've been thinking and knitting about, but I'm really interested in drawing a little tonight, so I think I'll hop on that instead.


Beth said...

Great list! You were way more prolific than I was last year. And we love that Baby Bobbi!

lyssa said...

hey i found this blog of yours very interesting and i like it.. keep on posting and sharing

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