Monday, December 01, 2014

The Christmas Challenge

My brother issued a challenge. He might have even said the words "you can't make that." But of course I can make that! I am a fearless knitter! The hat in question is the reindeer hat from Home Alone. I went right to the internet to refresh my memory of the hat. I haven't seen the film in quite some time. I found this image using a Google search.

I made a few assumptions based on this image.
  1. there seem to be about 6 reindeer on the hat altogether
  2. it's a rather loose gauge
  3. there's no ribbed cuff
I cast on with size 5 needles and went for it. And it's huge. You could fit two of his heads in there. So back to the drawing board. Maybe it's tighter than I'd originally thought. The cuff looks a little smaller than I'd worked. Maybe there's only 4, or 5 repeats of the reindeer pattern. What do you think? I'm going to give it another go. Size 4 instead of 5s. And I'm going to eliminate at least one reindeer from the pattern. Think I can make it by Christmas?


CityMinx said...

not to drive you nuts or anything...

seems like she did a rib there but you can do a turned hem easily instead

also some good tips here

Passionknitly said...

That doesn't quite drive me nuts, but it's knit on fingering weight and I have all this worsted weight yarn to use, so it's less helpful than it could be. d'oh!

Passionknitly said...

Oh fuckit. I'm totally just going to knit that hat now that there's a pattern. I might substitute my own chart, though.