Monday, November 14, 2005

Fearless Knitting aborted

Firstly, I want to thank all you folks who commented on the last entry. It reinforced that my dyslexia with pattern reading, and ripping the afghan out five times and knitting it in the 102 degree city heat was really worth it. I felt loved. :) thanks!

I was going to post about my fearless knitting, but I realized it started to sound high and mighty, and that's not exactly what I was looking for, so I'm going to revisit it when I have a bit more of a clue as to what I want to say. I'm exhausted.

Oh, and I got some Noro Kureyon yarn today (hey, my measuring tape broke, I needed a new one, and the Point will only take your credit card if you buy more than ten dollars...I had to make up for that cash somehow!). I plan on making a hat out of it. It shout be interesting mostly because I've never used Nora anything before.

The Melanie Falick email chain ended with her explaining to me (quite nicely) that I'm a dumbass and should have read the beginning note for the Over the Knee Stockings which says that the marker for the beginning of the pattern is in the middle of the lace pattern. She did concede, however, that the chart for the ankle was wrong. Right now I'm still working on stocking number 2. I didn't get to knit a lot this weekend with friends coming in and out of my apartment, but I got a few more repeats of the pattern down while I was at The Point this evening, and I did end up figuring out how to do those invisible decreases. They're not that bad, they're just annoying. I'm still determined as hell to finish them - and I'd love for that to be sooner rather than later because to be honest, they're starting to get tedious.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you next post! What's knitting?

Mary E.