Saturday, August 26, 2006

I haven't blogged this much since February

Yup. I'm up at 3:30 am.

I'm not, however, knitting at 3:30 am, what kind of a knitter do you take me for!?
I was working on the Mod Dress from Knit 1. Here's where we were when I last posted about this monstrosity:

Mod Dress before seaming

Since then I had seamed up the sides and the straps and tried it on. It was entirely too big. I am currently awake because I was working on this dress. Here's where I'm at:

Mod Dress take 2

I always liked that TV show Square 1. Now, I know what it's like. The first go around didn't actually take me all that much time to make. This time around, there will be less stitches so it might be a bit quicker. Also, this time I can make it so that the flower is on the correct side of the dress. Not a big deal, but something that will be nice. Going along from the success of the Roundabout Tank, I'm going to be knitting the smallest size. Now, if only I remembered what size needle I used to get gauge! I should really write those kinds of things down somewhere.

While at The Point this afternoon I bought a pair of size 2 bamboo circs. Knitting Icarus on size 3 Addis was akin to knitting with goop - it just felt gross and gooey. The bamboo needles are giving me the friction I need to be able to figure out what it is I'm doing, and I'm able to keep track of the pattern a bit more. I re-started for the millionth time, but I think this time will stick. I'm a trooper at heart.

Speaking of trooping...I think I'll troop off to bed.


Rebecca said...

AAAAYYYY! I can't believe you did that! Well, I guess it was a last resort.

Ariadne said...

You have just become my hero. I couldn't knit that thing to save my life. I attempted it at least a million times and ripped it the same amount. I ripped it so many time, the yarn just gave up on me. I really will be looking forward to seeing you conquer that beast!

Jessica said...

Frogging=Zero fun. But if you hide the yarn for a couple months and pull it all back out again, you can pretend and say, "Oh, look at all this new yarn! I think I'll make a Mod Dress...." and then it's not so painful.

PassionKNITly said...

No no, Jess, I started it right away. If I had the momentum to demolish the dress to begin with, I have the momentum to knit the dress. Also, it's the only thing that I'm currently knitting on normal person sized needles...

MUD said...

Don't you EVER say anything bad about Addi's again (except about the cost...)...EVER!

Melissa said...

omg! i can't believe you frogged the whole thing. you are a much better woman than i. i would have kept it sad and lonely in a corner for at least 5 years and then find it when i cleaned up or moved.