Tuesday, October 03, 2006

FO: River Rapids Socks

Indeed, they are complete! I love what the colors did!

River Rapids Socks

These socks knit up extremely quickly. When I add up all the knitting time the second sock took me, I think it was a little less than a week. Which is saying something. I think the pattern was just enough to keep me occupied without getting bored, but it diddn't really work well with the colors in the yarn I don't think. I don't really mind though, because they were a pretty quick knit.

River Rapids Sock heels

You can see that I didn't make them too high. I realized that I was used to that height sock from the store-bought socks I usually wear, so I thought I'd try it out with the socks I knit myself. However, even if I made the socks just a bit taller, I'm not sure it would put that much of a dent in the amazing amount of sock yarn I have leftover:

What's left

I'm thinking I might even be abele to get a whole other pair of socks out of this. Though I'm not sure. Anyone have a precise scale? No? Anyone have any idea as to what to do with all this sock yarn that's left over?

I liked the yarn, but wasn't a huge fan of it. It's got an inconsistent thickness to it, which really bugs me. Especially with socks. But it's really soft yarn and I love the colors.


MUD said...

They look even more sexy in person! Great to see you last night!

Melissa said...

they look great!

i always have the same problem with leftover yarn. there's a great anklet pattern on magknits, i think it was one of the first issues. that way you can get another small pair of socks out of it, maybe.

Ava said...

A pair of baby socks, maybe? Sachets? I have some leftover sock yarn I need to use too.

schrodinger said...

The socks are great - River Rapids is a nice fast pattern isn't it?

You could always pop down the post office to weight the left overs...

Heather said...


Omlettes, omlettes, omlettes!!!

It's been a long week ;o)

Jessica said...

Very pretty!

AJ said...

I am loving the orange in the yarn, very vibrant and pretty!