Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some long awaited progress!

Yes, I'm alive, and once you see what I've been working on, you'll realize that I'm not only insane, but, in fact, had to step away from the blog for a bit. You see, I've got this sweater I'm knitting for my brother with size 4 needles. Yes, that's right. Size four needles. So, it's no wonder it took me a month to knit 26.5 inches of this:

Reflection Aran Pullover Back

That's it! The back is done! Now I just have that completely complicated front and two sleeves! Oh man. This is never getting done before Christmas. Ah well.

I'm finding that the more I knit with the Swish Superwash, the more I can't get the blue dye off of my fingers. At least I like blue. I hope the dye doesn't turn my brother into Grover.

I started the bottom of the first sleeve at SNB on Tuesday night.

Reflection Aran Pullover sleeve 1

You can see with clarity the evil size four needles there can't you? Thought so. They will be my undoing. I know you're generally supposed to do the sleeves one after the other, but if I did that, I was going to really go insane. So I decided to split the sleeves up and work on them seperately. I can't wait till this sweater's done and I can go and knit up that really quick Weekend Pullover from Weekend Knitting.

I just wish there were a prayer in hell this would get done before Christmas.


lekkercraft said...

now THAT is what i call dedication.
it looks great, though - can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Beta said...

Your blog is taunting me w/ it's WIP-ness. My camera is dead though so I can use that as an excuse. I have 2 WIPs and ZERO pics. But they're not half as ambitious as this luscious sweater. Wait, I shouldn't use 'luscious' to describe a sweater for a guy. Um, how about burly? or ill? wicked? haha. Nice work.

Jessica said...

Wow, but even if it's making you insane, it's going to be a gorgeous sweater. I hope your brother knows how lucky he is!

schrodinger said...

The sweater is looking great! I hope you can get it done in time, but I'm sure your brother will apprecite it, even if it's late - what dedication!

Anonymous said...

Jenn is crazy to knit a man's sweater on #4's! SHE'S CRAZY! Like a fox...