Monday, July 30, 2007


cover comparison

This is what happens when you take a magazine around with you everywhere for about a year. If you're a hardcore IK fan, you'll realize that this is the issue with Icarus and the Wedgewood blouse in it. If you're a fan (or let's face it, at this point a casual glancer) of my blog, you'll remember I'm knitting one of these projects, and have finished one of these projects. Icarus is really the reason this issue has traveled with me so much. Even though I copied the charts and was pretty sure of how everything was going to go down, I still felt as though I needed the security the pattern in the magazine afforded (I can be really silly sometimes).

You can see the wreckage done to the interiors as well:

pattern page comparison

Yeah, I bought another copy of the magazine so that later, if I say, want to re-knit the Wedgewood Blouse, I have a working copy of the magazine.

The condition of this magazine inspired me to reorganize. And reorganize I did!

I took all my loose paper patterns out and put them in page protectors. I organized them all fancy like too. There's a tab for Summer, Sweaters, Socks, Kids, Home, Etc. I made it look pretty cool too:

New Pattern storage system!!!

you can't really see the knitting ball/knitting needle stamp there, but it's there and it looks really cool with the rest of it, trust me! It looks all sorts of organized from the shelf, and it actually fits on the shelf!! :)

On the tattoo front, I changed my idea a bit, I decided that I wanted a bracelet more or less of the knit stitch in a column. I brought my idea, along with a swatch (it was a pretty small swatch though, probaly close to 5 stitches to the inch) to NY Adorned on Second avenue. They told me the idea I had wouldn't translate into a good tattoo because the lines I'd want are too close together. I kinda think this is sorta BS since the idea i have is fairly simple. I think if I'd brought a much larger swatch, it might have swayed him. Right now, however, I'm still looking for good ideas, so if you see any hot knitting tattoos, drop me a line!

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this site has a few knitting tats...