Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bit More Time

So, Illanna came up with a great idea to put the side I've half completed on a holder to try the second size for the other side. I'm so ready to do that! Except that I'm at Stan's in Staten Island and the tips for my interchangeable needle set are still in my apartment in Brooklyn and I will need tips 2 sizes smaller for the ribbing at the bottom. Now, this is not a long term problem. I also forgot my camera for our trip to Boston so we're picking that up on out way. It's just going to be tough tonight since I don't have another project with me to work on!! My computer's also in Brooklyn and Stan's computer is locked so looks like I'm going to get a LOT of TV time in.



Beth Renner said...

His computer is locked? Are you there without him or something? It can't be unlocked? Anyway, glad you'll be swinging by the apt before the ride - can't imagine the tragedy if you didn't have a project for the trip.

PassionKNITly said...

Yeah, I was at his apartment in SI so he didn't have to pick me up after he got out of work on Friday.

I got a ton of knitting done, so I'm super glad we stopped at my place to get my knit picks tips!