Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time Sensitive Question...

I need a bit of help here...

Pattern link in Ravelry

I’m seriously wondering if I’m knitting the right size. I’ve got a 41” bust, so I thought I’d knit the large in a size 39” bust. I’m halfway done with the back, but I’m thinking it’s going to be too big. So now I’m wondering if I should knit the next size down. Which is to fit a 36” bust. I figure that if I give it bust darts, it might not matter…

I've looked at a few of my store bought wife beaters. They're also made of cotton, but they stretch a LOT (one was 13" wide where it would hit my hips!). I feel like if this knit stretched too much it'd be a bit indecent. But 3"...that'll make a difference, probably for the better right?

I've got about half the back done, but I did it in like three days. If I knit less stitches, I can probably get back (get the pun!?) to where I am now by Saturday.

This yarn was kind of expensive and is a dream to work with. All the same, I don't like re-knitting things, so once it gets finished, I'm not going to go rip it and give the pattern another go. So, what do you think I should do, folks?

A) Forge ahead
B) Rip it already and knit a size you think will fit better before you lose momentum!
C) Didn't you want to knit a shawl?

Thanks folks! I'm probably going to try to work on it more tomorrow night when I'm at Stan's by myself. We're trekking up to Boston, and it's easier to just head straight to Staten Island versus him picking me up at 4am when he gets out of work.

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Kara said...

I have no advice about what to do about sizing (everything I've ever made has been the wrong size!) but I just wanted to say "what a cute pattern." If you do manage to get it to not be too big or too small, it will look GREAT on you. Good luck!