Friday, June 18, 2010

On Queue Confusion and Startitis

I have wandering eye these days. I finished my Seraphim Shawl (RavLink), it just needs to be blocked. And I'm currently working on another project of epic proportions (read, lots of stockinette and small gauge). The miles of tiny stitches in stockinette, I think, are leading me to want to knit with bigger (worsted!? DK weight!?) yarns so I can actually wear a new tank top this season.

I just finished the armhole shaping of the back of this t-shirt I'm knitting out of Silken Straw. I think the front might go quicker because the front will have all the deep v-neck shaping, but it's still a slog. I know the finished product will be nice though, it's being knit out of Alchemy Silken Straw. I'm really surprised at how far 2 skeins is getting me. I'm alternating skeins for the back because I was worried about the hand-dyed yarn pooling too much. I shouldn't have a problem at all getting through the whole back with two skeins, and I might even have some left over for a sleeve. All that being said, the gauge is REALLY small, and I'm knitting it on size 2 needles.

So, I'm contemplating taking yarn and just casting on sometime next week for another tank top. But which yarn!? Which pattern!? I have three yarns to choose from in the stash:

Cotton Tank Options

1. Rowan Purelife Cotton 2. Sublime Soya Cotton 3. Rowan Calmer

I'm pretty sure I have enough of these for one of the following projects:

Of the four, the two that are calling out to me immediately are the first and second. Ravelry folks have knit these two in a variety of sizes and they actually look pretty decent on busty folks. The VK one I'm interested in because a part of me wants to see how many items I can knit from that one issue. The Norah Gaughan is calling to me because I'm dying to know how it's constructed and because it looks pretty awesome and might be able to be worn for a longer period of time than a tank top. At the same time though, the tank top might go quicker, and honestly, I think that's kind of what I need right now. What color, do you think it would look best in? I'm kinda of thinking blue.

Any advice?

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Claudine said...

I vote for the Star Camisole in the Sublime.