Monday, December 12, 2005

Adolescent Socks

The socks are well on their way and unless I break my hands or something, they should actually be done by Christmas!

This one by itself looks like some sort of freaky fish doesn't it?

This one's just lounging around

Bad sock! Don't bite your sister!

The imminence of these socks being done, however, still leaves several projects left to go:

  • A scarf for my brother's girlfriend (I think I decided to make her a ruffle scarf just like mine in a different color)

  • Fingerless gloves for my cousin

  • I decided to make one of my co-workers something knitted related, but I'm not sure if she reads this, so you're going to have to wait to see what that is. I'm hoping to have it done by Friday so I can give it to her when we go to a comedy show we're going to together. But it might have to wait until after the holiday.

    I was bad again today....I saw that The Point got in some Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist. We're lookin at 1,200 yards here in my bag! Unfortunately, the sweater that i wanted to use as a template for the hoodie I want to make seems to have disappeared from my sweater chest, my drawers, the pile of clothes in my room, the reserve duffel bag full of spring clothes and my closet. I have no idea where it went. So I guess it's a good thing that I just got more yarn to make it a replacement right? Only sad thing is that it fit so perfectly that I really wanted to get the measurements and everything to make this right. I guess it could still be at Greg's or my parents'. Regardless, this sweater, especially since I can't find the original, have jumped to the top of my "Must Make" list.

    I've been wearing my Sparkle Hat from Stitch'n' Bitch a lot recently. Mostly because it's been cold and I don't have another hat, nor enough time to make another hat before Christmas. And because it's my first hat and has sentimental value. I really like it. I was wearing it today as I left The Point tonight. At West Fourth, waiting for the D to Brooklyn, this guy says "How do you clean a hat like that?" I say "you don't. It's made of wool, if you wash it in a washing machine it will felt." He says "but the plastic things would melt. You haven't washed it!?" I respond by saying no for the reasons I've already provided him. "How long have you had it?" "About a year." I say. "You've had it for a year and you haven't washed it?" At this point, I no longer care about the conversation. The guy didn't look especially well kempt himself, and I was kind of insulted. Do people really wash hats? I think of outer-wear as being ridiculous to clean. It's just going to get dirty again, why bother washing it? Do guys wash their baseball caps? My brother doesn't. Am I insane? Should I be washing my hat and coat (and for that matter mittens)? My coat is black and will never show any dirt.

    More importantly, who looks at a hand-knit hat and says to themselves gee, I wonder how you wash that?

    What a silly place I live in.

    Official holiday countdown:12
    *holy shit!


    MUD said...

    I never wash hats! But I do wash coats, especially off white ones that I spill coffee on. Sadly, if I take it to the cleaners, what will I wear to keep me warm?

    Love the Baby Twist...

    Julie said...

    I wash coats when they have accumulated a lot of city-grime. Ditto with gloves (store-bought ones, of course). But I've never thought about washing a hat. It's a hat, for Pete's sake!

    People have too much time on their hands if they're asking questions like that. Time that they could spend helping those of us with 12 days to get all Christmas knitting done. Gah!

    Bikkit said...

    Considering all the crap that ends up on hair (oil, conditioner, hairspray...) you bet that I wash my hats! Only once in a while, usually at the end of the season, but it's not like I want to start the next hat-wearing season off with all the previous year's hair grunge on my hat.

    At least hand-knit hats are easy to wash -- swish them gently in the sink with some shampoo , rinse them out and dry flat. It's not like the suede hat that I have to take to the cleaners.