Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sock Zygotes!

Mom, if you're reading this, don't! <3

I just realized that there's only 24 days really until Christmas! Holy Crap! How did that happen!? Here's the list of things that need to be knitted for gifts (they'll be joining the WIP list soon):

  • finish the Argyle Slippers from Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting that were my mother's gift last year (I don't understand the instructions to put them together which is why they're still in pieces in my yarn box)

  • Scarf for my brother's Girlfriend

  • Wrist warmers for my cousin to match the newsboy hat out of the leftover Cascade Quattro

  • Beanie for my friend Kat (I have at least found the pattern for the hat!)

  • socks for mom (see below)

  • hat for my vegan friend

  • So because I have all of these projects to do, I was looking for a way to knit socks quickly so that they might be done by the time Christmas is here. I'll feel doubly bad if my mom doesn't get a present this year because I can't knit fast enough. I decided that I would try this pattern from KnitPicks to knit two socks at the same time. It's going quite well!

    Those are my little Sock Zygotes as My Big Fat Needle donned them. Actually, looking at that photo again, they kinda look like breasts huh? Well, they won't when they're done. Damnit.

    My mom didn't tell me until last weekend that she's "allergic to wool" (more and more I'm thinking that people aren't really allergic to wool, they just choose to wear scratchy versions of it, but if I tried to reason that out with her she'd get pissed at me, so whatever). This put me in a mad scramble to find appropriate yarn that's made of cotton. I came up with Cascade Fixation. It's fun to use, but I seem to be pulling it a bit too tightly. Oh well. I like working them from the toe up because if my gauge is off by a bit and I'm using too much yarn, I can just shorten the cuff of them!

    The Opera gloves are still coming along. I worked on them for a bit yesterday. They're starting to look fancy. I'm still working on the pattern, but they're going to be awesome, I can feel it!


    Jerry said...

    I think you're right about people being 'allergic' to wool. One frined of mine insists ALL wool is itchy, said she can't even wear angora as it's scratches her. I am still trying to figure how how angora scratches her.

    Breast socks, huh :-) Cool-you may stat a new trend in anatomy knitting. Uh oh....

    Beth said...

    Hey hey hey!!!! Enough w/ the wool-allergy bashing. I THINK I'm allergic to wool because when I wear 100% wool sweaters I can't stop sneezing. That's how all of my allergies manifest themselves - in crazy sneezing fits. So while I seem to be able to knit with it okay and the afghan hasn't triggered any sneezing fits, i've had to give away a beautiful fairisle sweater that someone made for me because no amount of allergy pills could beat that sucker. So THERE! Sheesh.
    On a related note, I spent 2 hrs. at SnB last night working on the alpaca hat and didn't sneeze so maybe I'm in the clear w/ that fiber.
    Finally, the socks are great - i agree that knitting w/ fixation is odd...but i think it's good. i had to put my fixation socks away for a bit to finish xmas projects.

    PassionKNITly said...

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but only because you're you, and because it's sneezing. My mom thinks she's allergic because she gets itchy, which legitimately is the wool that she wears, and NOT an allergy.

    Alpaca is amazing!

    Katy said...

    I love the zygotes. And I agree about the allergy/itchy issues. I think most wool is itchy (why? why must they make itchy wool?) and I won't wear wool socks at all, but I can knit with wool and love it. I'm wearing a wool sweater right now and I can tell. Even though I have a turtleneck between my skin and the sweater, i can still tell.

    Mae said...

    Your vegan friend, good thing that was clarified.

    MUD said...

    Alpaca IS awesome!

    illanna said...

    Hi Jenn! About the comments popup that you asked about on my blog: I use Haloscan for my comments ( and you get a lot of options when you use that site. I copied and pasted my CSS from my blog template into the comments template.

    Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!