Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Definitely Adolescent Socks

Yes, quite adolescent. No other stage of sock would be so troublesome. To prove my point:

Since I've been home, I realized the reason why that sock has about half a heel and looks like crap. One of us was so intent on remembering how many stitches needed to be in between the goddamn increases that they forgot to knit the rows in between the decreases. Some may say that it was me, but personally, I blame the sock. It obviously doesn't want to be knitted. But too bad, because it's going to be knitted, and before Christmas!!!!

It will, however, experience a time-out as I try to start my brother's girlfriend's scarf. I don't want to defenestrate the socks, they still need to be finished. I can't let them think that they ever had the upperhand. I've had control the whole time. Yes. Yes I have.

In other news: I went searching around my apartment this morning looking for my little notions case. Here is what is inside my notions case:

  • Wonka Runts Tin - contains: 1 paper tape measurer, 1 small row counter, 1 pom pom maker, 1 pair of itsy bitsy scissors that came with a travel sewing kit, several safety pins, 2 point protectors, 2 cable needles (of different forms, 2 darning needles

  • Bag of loose safety pins

  • Envelope of large stitch markers

  • Envelope of small stitch markers

  • Aforementioned travel sewing kit

  • Papers - 1 set of Pom Pom making instructions, 1 Knit NY business card, 1 Metropolitan Impex business card (I think this is where I got the paiettes for the Sparkly Hat from SNB

  • Set of made by tags

  • 1 permanent marker

  • 1 broken tape measurer

  • 3 different sized crochet hooks

  • pins

  • A spool of grey sewing thread

  • a stitch marker

  • a stitch holder

  • 2 different sized and shaped cable needles

  • 2 more point protectors

  • Yet more safety pins

  • A hair clip

  • So this makeup case has a lot of shit in it that's kinda helpful to get things done. Hence losing it this morning was a big deal. I searched everywhere for it. Up, down, all around. I was late to work because I was searching, yet it was no where to be found. I gave up. I thought I might have left it at The Point last night. But when I got to The Point tonight, it wasn't there. :( Where could it be? I panicked. I thought, I must have left it on the bus when I got off of it on Sunday night. I resigned myself to calling Bonanza, the bus company that I take to get to RI and back. I sadly walked home tired, and extremely frustrated after an SNB session spent swearing at delinquent stitches.

    I get home and walk to the bathroom. Now see, the funny thing of having a makeup case for a knitting notion bag is that if you have a makeup case holding makeup that looks just like your knitting notion bag, you're in for a fun time. Yes. Both green bags were sitting neatly next to each other on top of the John just waiting for me to play with them. I must have put the knitting notion bag in there while I was unpacking on Sunday, and just didn't realize that there was already a makeup case in there. Here is a photo of the culprit:

    It's one of those Clinique bags they give out if you get like lipstick and eyeshadow or something. You'll notice the purpley Lamb's Pride Bulky tied to this sucker? That's so I know it's the Knitting Notions Purse and not the makeup bag.

    Lessons learned:
  • Make sure that your knitting notion case looks different somehow from your makeup case
  • Follow the pattern instructions.

    Betsy said...

    Yay. nice job on finding it. Leaving something on a bus is never fun.
    I've never heard it called a knitting notions bag. Do your fellow SnB'ers call it that or is it more universal? Thanks for the pics as well. That ensures that I won't go wandering around on other knitting blogs in search of photos cuz I'm greedy and need instant gratification.

    PassionKNITly said...

    you know that all the pics are for you. i'm just going to start sticking random pics in here just to keep your eye occupied!!!

    I call it a knitting notions bag because that's really all it holds. Until yesterday, it didn't have a name, but i needed to name it to refer to it.

    city girl said...

    there's that word again--defenestrate

    MUD said...

    Sorry to laugh, Jenn, but it's funny that you forgot to knit the rows in between the decreases...anyway, remember -- starting with 56 rows, k6, k2tog, then k5, k2tog, k4, k2tog, etc....good luck!