Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A couple of things of note:

  • I still have to write the podcasting blip for Heather's book (yup, those are two seperate links there - HTML all over the place here!)

  • I still have to write a short blip about me for Heather's book (ok, that was just copy paste...).

  • I still need a headshot for Heather's book (more copy paste...).

  • I kinda like the bib pattern, especially knitting the icord into the top of the bib. That was fun. I just wish I could stop doing icord sometime soon and start weaving in all those stupid ends (don't worry, photos to come).

  • I've got an extra SP06 IK zine. Anyone want it?

  • Those socks are so not getting done before I board the plane. Maybe I'll finish them on my way to Seattle and I can start the Jaywalkers while I'm there or something. I'm contemplating bringing my laptop with me to work on the aforementioned blips for the book which would cut into prize knitting time.

  • Man, I'm so glad I'm not currently working on the book. I'd go insane. I think Heather really is going insane though. It's ok. We'll throw her a fab launch party to make it all worth it. We should start planning that soon kids!


    MUD said...

    Yes, plan that launch soon so I can make sure to be in NYC for it!

    DON'T bring the laptop, Jenn! KNIT!

    CityMinx said...

    hmmmm, did somebody say plan a party?!?!?!?!

    Melissa said...

    awe man, I just bought the SP06 IK today! Oh well!

    Katy said...

    I need to write my blip and find a photo, too. Stop reminding me!

    Party! Party! Party! Party!