Sunday, May 07, 2006


Yup...colors and such are changing...bear with me while it's a little crazy over here. I wanted to feel spring and summer when I look at the bog. The old style will probably come back in the fall though with some changes as well. I'm surprised at how easy this is to do. I'm still staying within the confines of one of the main blogger templates, though after I finish this HTML book (which I haven't opened in a week so don't get too excited out there) I should be able to do more intense things.

Oh, the WIP in the background can now be defined as a FO. Time to start the next one. I'll do a boring color next; "natural." I had to skimp out on one of the repeats because I couldn't get it in with the amount of yarn I had. The FO is therefore a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I kept my sanity and am actually excited to start the next one. I'm still not really sure why, but I'm going to hope that I can continue to be excited about it after it's been cast on!

My issue of IK came in the mail today! There's some interesting tid bits in it. Once I finish reading it I'll let you know what I really think about it. There's a nifty pattern for a felted hat that looks like a good idea. I've never done anything with needle felting so maybe that's a good project for it.

Oh - note to self - for mom's present, you'll need some iron on transfer paper and some iron on backing - Katy and I have come to the conclusion that P&S or Pearl by Canal street might have it. ALSO - fabric for a belly dancing veil can probably be purchased around 7th ave and 40th (is that the right cross street there gals?). Hopefully these errands will get done tomorrow, but I doubt the fabric places will be open on Sunday.

Who in NYC would be interested in getting together for an HTML/CSS "Get to know your blog" party? Any idea where a good place to host one would be? I'm thinking somewhere relatively accessible (read: not someone's apartment) that would have free wireless access and room for a bunch of us to get together and talk about how to make our blogs look the way we want them to. I'm thinking the best time for such an event would be after I've finished reading this HTML book (I'm about a third of the way through). Not that I'm an HTML/CSS expert, but I think I know enough to teach some people that don't know that much about how HTML/CSS works, and I have enough patience to actually sit down and look at a bunch of blogs to see where to plunk in certain attributes. Any grand ideas?


Katy said...

Jenn, yes, the fabric stores will be open on Sunday. Not all of them, but enough that I'm sure you will find something.

As to the blog thing, I could possibly host something in my office on a weekend. I know we have wireless access as well as a high speed line that can be accessed through the network. Oh, and snacks and beverages...

Just a thought.

Beta said...

Love the spring colors! Your skills are impressive.

Just a thought: the visited links color is a little hard to read in the purple sidebar.
Great job!

PassionKNITly said...

You're right about that visited link color, Beth. I'll revisit that in a couple days (pun completely unintended) when i have a bit of time to sit down and fiddle.

I also found a better way of replacing color in photoshop, so I'll be doing that to all those arrow and comment icons.

oh, and there's an extra dotted line at teh bottom for some reason...

MUD said...

You are a blogging knitting, belly dancing goddess, and I bet there are a whole HOST of other things you're good at too. I'll bring some fibers from the fest tomorrow so you can fondle them while Heather is fondling your demin silk!

carrie said...

ooh, i'm making my mother a gift that requires transfer paper, but i keep forgetting to pick it up. it's these cute photo pillows from martha stewart living.

my blog needs help, so keep us posted!