Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Knitting Rut Knitting Rut Knitting Rut Knitting Rut

I do believe my knitting has turned to vinyl. I've become a broken record.

I'm still working on the second Jaywalker. I've even resorted to knitting this on the subway and metro north so I can get it done quicker. It doesn't seem to be helping...

I started the second in the four part series of Zoe's wedding gift. Not only is the pattern obnoxiously repetitive, I've got ten more of the repeats to do!

What this means is that I've been doing a lot less reading and that I'm eyeing everything as a potential next project. The tank is first on the list, and then probably the hip scarf. However, I just got the new issue of Interweave Knits and there's a couple things in there that are ticking my fancy so to speak. The Brioche Bodice, and the Icarus Shawl. I've needed some sort of a shawl for work for quite some time now. My office tends to get to subzero temperatures - especially in the summer. I've never knitted anything in lace before, so this seems to be a pretty good project to start with since it's in the Lace Primer issue.

The biggest negative factor about both of these projects is that I think I'd actually need to go buy yarn for it. The reason this is upsetting is that I feel like I've bought a decent amount of yarn, books etc. and my poor exhausted credit card is just itching to be placed at the bottom of a bowl with some water and placed in the freezer.

My stash keeps getting larger and larger, and at some point I'm going to have to knit it all. I think that once I get rid of knit up all the linen there will be a decent amount of room. But the other space hog is the 1,000 yards of mohair that I had to have when I saw it at Rhinebeck last October. This is what I'm thinking this year. I'm in the planning phases for Rhinebeck 2006. I need to make room in my stash box for some new yarn (we'll forget that the yarn I currently have doesn't fit in the stash box). But maybe that lace shawl just needs to wait until I find something amazing to knit it out of while I'm at Rhinebeck. Can I wait that long?!

I was talking to Rebecca at the Point today. She suggested using their space (and her precious time nonetheless!) for a knit-blog workshop. I've got a bit of planning to do, some handouts to put together, some fun hands on things to put together so people might actually get something out of this - but it looks like the knit-blog workshop will actually happen! I'm pretty excited. I have no idea when yet, I still really want to finish the HTML book I'm reading so I can add all that knowledge to the workshop but I'm really excited that the workshop has a home now! I'll pass on any more information as I get it.


MUD said...

Jenn, you HAVE to use that mohair from Rhinebeck! Remember the torture you went through deciding on it, and then you finally went back and got it at the very end? Knit it, baby. Your personally knitting karma will be in better shape if you do. And that would be awesome if the knitting blog workshop was at the point -- you could start a new business out of this, baby!

schrodinger said...

Greetings from a fellow subway-jaywalker-knitter. I'm on #2 too, feel as though it will never end. You have any ideas for the mohair?

MUD said...