Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well, it's a start

The new background doubles as a WIP shot! It's the Linen hand towel from Mason Dixon Knitting. I've just got one more pattern repeat to do and this one's done! I even figured out how to get the background to stay instead of scrolling like the last one did. I'm hoping that this will make it a bit easier on folks with slower connections. It won't have to keep refreshing I don't think. But maybe I'm wrong. We'll try it and see what happens. I'm really impressed with myself because I haven't even gotten to background images in the HTML book that I'm reading, so this is uber cool!

Anyway. I'll get started on changing and coordinating the colors of the boxes and sidebars tonight. I just really wanted to get the image up.

In other news I finished one of the Jaywalkers. I still have one more sock to go though, so there will be no FO photos today! It looks hot though, even if the colors are doing some odd pooling thing after the gusset.

AND: The Denim Silk arrived! Here it is below hanging out with my HTML book:

It was a happy day on Wednesday when this box arrived! I'm not quite at the point where I can start casting this on. I might wait until I've finished phase two of the wedding present. I might not though. I'm hurting shirt wise...


Heather said...

Jenny, Jenny, Chocolate Penny, what a clever little blogger you are!
Can't wait for you to show me how to jazz up my own boring looking effort :o)
I can't even figure out how to add the buttons for several blogrings I joined!
Also looking forward to a good old fondle of that demin silk - it sounds divine!

Emma said...

Love the new background. very impressive!

mkb said...

it looks like a brain!

Deena said...

Oh no, you've started something. I also want to make this tank but couldn't find the yarn. Now that you have told me where to get it, I'm out of excuses. I am looking forward to seeing your sweater. It is an amazing design. Have you seen the KAL for Knitting Nature?