Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back in full effect!

I've been going through this general phase of apathy. I haven't really wanted to knit or to even read recently. Instead, I've been busying myself with social activities (which is odd for me since I'm usually not the social type). I think part of this apathy was caused by working on the same few projects for months on end (since around April I'd say). I'm still working on the Mod Dress (I'm going to update the progress bar after I finish writing this post), I canned the African Grey Jaywalkers for the moment while I get over my frustration with them, and I'm almost done with the last installment of Zoe's Wedding gift.

The positive news of all this is that I haven't really bought a lot of yarn. My credit card thanks me for that because it was starting to feel like a woman of the street recently (red lipstick and low cut dresses if you know what I mean). This week, however, I managed to whip it out again, and gently abuse it with future projects.

At Stitchn' Bitch this week I found a nice new color of the Misti Alpaca laceweight I was planning to make Icarus out of. I'm not really planning on joining the KAL, although I'll probably post a link to it because I'll want to check out fellow Icarus knitters' progress. Katy and I are planning to start a knit along at SNB on tuesdays. We'll probably start at the next SNB. I've never knit lace before, so I feel a bit better that Katy's going to be knitting the same shawl. The yarn I'm using is a nice denim color:

Icarus to be...

Those needles actually aren't for Icarus. They're for the African Grey Jaywalkers. I'm sick of knitting socks on DPNs. Unless I'm really going to be on a plane with them, I say screw it. I have to do some swatching for Icarus to see how I the stockinette portions work up (which will determine my needle size).

Also, since I'm almost finished with the wedding gift for Zoe, and since I found a nifty strapless dress, I realized that I might actually want a shrug or capelet or something to put on over the dress for when i start to freeze and am beginning to be bitten by bugs (ahh...Rhody!).

Moibus capelet for Z's wedding

I decided on the Moibus Capelet in the spring issue of Vogue Knitting. Now, I've got about two weeks to get this done. I think I can do it because it looks like a small enough project. I'm going to swatch for gauge tonight and see if I can't start working on it tomorrow after I get back from the beach. Or - if the weather doesn't cooperate, maybe I'll just start it tomorrow at the laundromat. I'll be knitting it with Misti Cotton which is partly pima cotton and partly silk. It's divinely soft!

I'm really happy I went to the Point today. It jolted me out of whatever apathy I've been experiencing as of late, and it was great to just sit and chat with Alexis, Sandy and Rebecca. I also met Carrie of Every Word's a Purl there today. I've been reading her blog for a year now and commenting every so often and it was great to meet her face to face. Unfortunately, you're just going to have to believe me because there are no pictures. She noticed the Mod Dress from Knit 1 that i was working on and put two and two together...she's what us Rhode Islanders would call "wicked smaht" (that's a compliment Carrie!). But she's also really sweet and pretty nifty too. You should check her blog out if you don't believe me.

So between meeting Carrie, chatting with the Point laidies and searching for a pattern for a capelet (something Beth (we're full of links today eh?) might call an "overy thingey" cause it goes over a dress...get it?) I feel quite regenerated and ready to take the knitting world on by storm! Which is exactly what it's doing outside, so all of this is quite apt isn't it?


Jessica said...

Me likes your Icarus yarn--what a pretty color. Here's to a Summer of Lace!

john said...

Given what I've seen of your knitting talent already, lace will be just another technique. You'll be fine. And as for the red lipstick and short dresses - Thank God you have the sense not to. Great Pima/Silk yarn. Love that stuff, too.

carrie said...

it was great to meet you, too, and see the mod dress in person! i just wish the point had stayed open until 6 for us folks not able to flee town for the long weekend. you have some adorable projects coming up.

Karen said...

Hi, Sandy at the Point saw that I was knitting the Over the Knee Stockings and said that you were working on them too. I searched your blog for them, and it seems you stalled on them. I just finished mine and had no problems with them. I don't always make it to the Point on Tuesdays, but can next week and can bring them if you want me to. :)