Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've been a busy knitter!

So many FOs!

Firstly, the hand towels for Zoe's wedding were finished and given to her on her wedding the fifteenth. Yay Zoe and Jason - congratulations!

Mason Dixon Hand Towels

Here they are with their fancy tags sewn on. That's the backside though. Here's the front side:

They came out really well and are highly absorbent based upon the fact that they took forever to dry once I washed them. But Mom was awesome and waited till they were dry then dropped them off at the reception for me! She even wrapped them individually and then put them in the gift bag I had prepared. Mom's great!

I had cast on for the Mobius Capelet from the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting before I left for Rhode Island. The idea was to have something to wear in the chill of the evening for the reception which was held outdoors. Well, I didn't quite make it. But I did finish it last week. It's extremely soft because I knit it with Misti Cotton which is Pima cotton and Silk. I changed the gauge a bit for it to account for the yarn, but it still came out quite well. I only had to dip into a smidge of the third ball of yarn - leaving me with enough for a baby hat for a co-worker's newborn babe.

Isn't it cute? Hell of a project though. Threw me for a loop (literally) when I tried joining for the non mobius part, and I never knew it had a mobius in it until I started knitting it (thanks to VK's impeccable design team). All in all, it was pretty simple, fun and different to knit. I enjoyed the project, but seriously think twice about it if you want a "quick knit" or a brainless project. The beginning will seriously throw you off, and you'll want to kill the designer.

I haven't done a thing on the Mod Dress from Knit 1. All I have to do is steam block the edges (cause I'm lazy and don't block anything) and sew it up, but I've been so busy with the bachelorette party and the wedding, then work picked up a ton and I've been really busy there (staying really late). I had a week from hell last week from which my leg is still recovering, and by the time last weekend rolled around I wasn't going to do anything but knit - not even seam!

However, I did cast on for a new project because after the capelet I didn't have anything going on. A while back I got Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan. It's got a TON of patterns inside that I really want to knit. It seems like this book was practically created for me. So many of the patterns are inspired by the beach, water, shells and fields - which is pretty much all Rhode Island is when it comes down to it. There are beautiful sweaters in the book that I really want to knit - and soon!

For the first project from this book, I settled on the Roundabout Leaf tank. You may recall that it looks something like that on the side. The cast on edge is the side you see that's perpendicular to the bottom of the garment. Yup, it's knit in a spiral.

I haven't quite gotten to the point where I have to join the strip I'm working on to itself to start the tube effect, but I'm getting there. It's a pretty easy knit anyway. I'm actually using the suggested yarn, as I believe I showed in an earlier post. It's Berroco Denim Silk. I kinda like the feel of it. I'm curious to see if it will feel as soft against my tummy as it does against my fingers as I'm knitting it. It's exciting to knit because it's so different!

I guess that's my kick right now. Different ways of knitting. It's fun!

It's interesting to see what the Mod Dress is doing to my blog. It seems to be the thing that people recognize from me. I ran into Illana at The Point (obligatory post link! heh) sometime last week (was it the week before?) and we instantly recognized each other. Anyway, she remembered the dress. Everyone remembers the dress...and it kills me that it's not done yet!

Regardless, you should all go check out Illana's blog because she's uber cool. One of those people that I met and was just like, we totally click and if you didn't live in Arizona for most of the year, we'd probably be awesome friends. heh.

I'm getting a little tired, so I think I'll just post this beautiful picture of the beach at night and imagine I'm there knitting....

The moon at Narragansett Beach


john said...

What a cool moon shot!!

pixienyc said...

I remember you struggling with the mobius at the Point one Friday - I'm so glad you figured it out! It came out great!

Yarn It said...

I struggled with that mobius too! I also didn't know it was a mobius until I started knitting it. I loved how it turned out but wouldn't do it again. I am also knitting the Roundabout Tank. Such a neat design. I look forward to seeing your progress!

illanna said...

Your tank is going to be so beautiful! It was so awesome meeting you at the point last week. I keep thinking how funny it was that we saw eachother and said "Hi?" Your capelet and handtowels are beauties. I hope I run into you again soon.

Heather said...

look how cute you look in that photo!
You're all dreamy and adorable - or are you looking at the mushrooms?? - sorry, couldn't resist it - hehe!

seriously though, (just for a second), well done on the kniting - it looks fab on you :o)

PassionKNITly said...

Oh man Heather...apartment's got bigger issues than mushrooms now!

We're showering in the basement!

Jessica said...

Lovely capelet! It must feel so nice and soft around your shoulders. And the linen towels are gorgeous too.

carrie said...

you simply have to finish the dressed! i'm waiting with baited breath.

and the capelet looks do darling on you. perfectly girly!

Anonymous said...

The capelet turned out great and I love that roundabout tank!