Saturday, February 24, 2007

A pair of socks richer!

new Jaywalkers

Yup, I finally finished them! Details:
Pattern: Jaywalkers
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Meadow colorway

Needles: size 0 addi turbos

Comments on yarn: I LOVE THIS YARN!!! It's by far my most favorite sock yarn so far. Better than Lorna's. I love the way the colors show up in it. I love how soft it is (it's 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair and 15% nylon). It's got a nice sheen to it, and the socks are soft and warm.

Next up on the portable project front is a pair of mittens for my roommate. These were requested and I told her that I'd knit them for her as a Christmas gift. Obviously, I'm running a little late on Christmas gifts, but we knew that from the way the Reflection Aran Pullover is going. The mittens are supposed to match this scarf:

Ann's Scarf

I'll be using a Lorna's Laces yellow for the dots and a nice navy blue from Louet

nascent roommate mittens
I'm still working on the sweater for my brother though. Maybe that'll get done in March.

Almost one month has passed without me buying any yarn at all! I'm so proud of myself!


Kim said...

Cute socks. That scarf is impressive like whoa.

Beta said...

Great socks :) - I can't tell from the picture; what are the dominant colors?

I LOVE the idea of trying to match an existing accessory when making mittens :) Have you done fairisle yet?

PassionKNITly said...

Yeah, that scarf was NOT handknit. It's probably from J Crew or something.

The socks are mostly navy blue with some hot pink, purple and green in it. that's honestly a pretty decent photo of it I guess...

I've done a bit of fair isle, but i've never knit mittens out of sock yarn before, so it'll be interesting. I think I decided to use zeroes.

john said...

Yeah, the socks are cool.

schrodinger said...

You knit up those Jays fast! I guess that pattern was for you eh? Good luck with making matching mitts for the scarf, should be a fun project.