Saturday, March 17, 2007

Still no WIP news...

However, I'm totally psyched about the Cast Off Book Launch! I was at a trade show for Borders in Denver and managed to snag a copy off of the book!!
I'm even more excited now that I have the book to meet Stephanie!!

I volunteered to lead a yarn crawl around, I plan to have an itinerary by the end of the weekend, and will let you all know what's going on. I want it to occur on Saturday, March 24th. I'd ideally like to hit up a stores I've never been to and a few I haven't been to in quite some time like Brooklyn General in Red Hook, Stitch Therapy in Park Slope, maybe School Products around 34th street (we'd need the subway ride to rest after all that walking - but I'm hoping there'll be a bus that can help us out!) and then either Knitty City on the UWS or Purl in SoHo. I figure that I spend enough time at The Point as it is that I can forgo one weekend for the sake of exploring new territory.

The reason why I'm thinking Saturday will be easier to do a yarn crawl on is simple: I honestly could find only a handful of places (actually just one) that opened before noon. Since the sock photo is going to be at Central Park at noon on Thursday, that makes it relatively inconvenient to try to get to yarn stores in the morning or in the afternoon after the sockness. So I'm going to this event setup by The Purl Man at The Today Show at 7am at the latest. I'll try to get there even earlier if I can. I'll probably find somewhere for an early lunch and then head over to Central Park for the sock picture. This might be slightly troubling because you'll notice that I haven't got a sock on the needles. I think I'll be bringing Ann's Yellow Dotted Mittens with me. They're sock like in their stature...I'll show them sometime to you! :)

Woa...this has been a very link heavy post. Plan is to take some photos in the slushy weather tomorrow. I've done a lot of knitting recently (especially on that trip to Denver with the three hour flight both ways), so I've got a decent amount to show too...I just need to hop to it.

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AJ said...

I wish I could be there. It sounds like all you NYers are going to be having a whole lot of fun! Take lots of pix! :)