Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Yarn Harlot's Represent Tour

Finally figured it out! I have to log in somehow, but the only way that I can log in is by commenting on someone's blog (this time, my own!)

On to better things: Thursday was amazing!

Meridith at the Today Show

A group of us started out at the Today show, yelling and screaming. It was a good time.

To dethaw, I headed to School Products. I met Dana and SB Annette.

On our way to Habu we stopped off at The Art Directors Club. They had a really interesting exhibit of alternatives to phone booths. I strongly suggest folks check it out cause it was a) free and b) really interesting and amusing. It's on W.29th street. Habu was pretty good though. Most of the yarns they have are way too small for my tastes, so I just perused a bit and warmed up (my toes were still recovering) and watched Annet buy some roving. Here Dana and Annet are as we're leaving Habu - my morning entourage!

Dana and Annette @ Habu

We managed to grab a few bites to eat at the Manhattan Mall before heading up to Strawberry Fields. We just made the photo shoot! Here's Stephanie and her traveling sock sitting on this beautiful bench I found for Sandy Sue

Yarn Harlot and the travelling sock

A bunch of us milled about for a bit after the sock photo, and I managed to get my copy of the new book that I got at that Borders trade show signed. She said it was the first copy of the new book she signed - so I feel pretty special! Also there, was Kay of Mason Dixon Knitting fame (link to the blog can be found on the sidebar). I'm not posting our photo because she seemed a little leary of that.

*I'll add links to blogs when I get home, they're all on my favorites there and I'm at work right now*
From Strawberry Fields we amassed the troups and headed off so others could get a bite (and I could get a much needed beverage). Then we walked to Knitty City. There was much bought there...some beautiful fleece artist. I was good though. While I wanted to buy tons of stuff, I remembered that I'm doing the knit from your stash bit, and only bought the allowed sock yarn.

We then proceeded on to The Yarn Co. While I didn't really have a horrible experience there, I will admit to sensing cold and prickly ness from at least one person who worked there. I finally just sat down in a yarn exhaustion, long enough for me to get someone to take this photo of us sitting and figuring out what to do next:

My hoarde of yarn crawlers

We decided to just head on down to FIT next. Sit, knit, chat, etc. Which was good because I had been going since like 5am, and I'm not sure that my fellow crawlers were used to doing so much walking. At any rate, it was definitely time for a rest. I cast on a sock, and got to the ribbing before it was time to go on a tour of the FIT knitting machines. Ann Denton was really awesome and kept her cool even though I'm sure more knitters than she was expecting turned up. Here's a couple of shots of the nifty machines they had going:

Knitting Machine
This one has such a fine gauge, I can't even think about it...

another knitting Machine

Ann Denton, herself being awesome and showing us how the knitting machine works.

After the tour we went into the audtiorium to wait for her Yarn Harlotness to speak.

NYC SNBs does what we do best

We knit to our little hearts content and chatted with others. I managed to knit a whole square for Warm Up America in the time we were waiting and her speech and the questions/comments period. I never thought I was going to finish.

Heather Dixon

Heather (sorry about the red eye babe!)was adorable as she was asking her question. I've never seen her quite so bashful! And Stephanie even seemed to have heard of her name before, which was pretty exciting!

All in all it was a really LONG but great day! I managed to come out of it relatively cheaply:

the day's loot!

That's an Uptown Boot Sock that's cast on right there. I had to re-cast it on several times because I could never get gauge. I'm using Addis and I'm on a size one and i'm not so keen with how the heel has turned out (yeah, even though I re-cast on only Saturday, I've somehow managed to already get past the turning of the heel!). The gauge is way loose for my liking, but my zeroes are being used for Ann's mittens, and so I'll have to make do. I'll probably just reinforce the heel and toe once I get done with them. It's Fleece Artist sock yarn, and it's simply a dream. That orange stuff is the Koigu from School Products. I haven't ever used Koigu, so I can't wait!


That's Katy, Guido and I REPRESENTIN' at FIT.

I want to thank everyone that made it such an enjoyable day! All my new friends, you folks better stay in touch ya hear!? I had so much fun, and it certainly wouldn't have been the same without you!


Beta said...

Sweetness! This post was worth the wait. I wish I could have been there. Sounds like you were a rockin' tour guide.
I also just became the proud owner of my first skeins of koigu. It's a fun word.

AJ said...

Sounds like an AWESOME time! Wish I had been there! *sigh* Enjoy the Koigu! It's a wonderful yarn!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

The day was a blast! Being with you for the Today was fun. I wish we could have crawled with you. Next time this summer, maybe? ;)

Mary said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm so enjoying looking at photos from Harlot Day because we all captured so many different aspects of the day.

Your hat is adorable! I just had to have it on my blog and, no, you don't look like you're scowling.

The Aran sweater is gorgeous!

Jess said...

I'm really late posting, but realized that I never said thanks for the yarn crawl - I had a great time!