Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thursday's itinerary and finally some WIP news!!

So I figured out how I'm planning out my Thursday around the Yarn Harlot's Cast Off Book event. I'm taking Thursday off of work. Looking at the weather for Thursday onward, I realized that Saturday is supposed to be not so nice, and that I'd much rather fill in some voids of YarnHarlotness on Thursday than actually do a whole day of Yarnness (well, that and I told Claudine that we'd have special James Bond/Daniel Craig day on Saturday). Here's my plan:

6:00 am - meet at Rockefeller for the Today Show (organized by It's a Purl, Man invite is here.

~10am - head to School Products (mostly because they open before noon!) for a bit of yarn porn.

Noon - magically appear at Strawberry Fields for the infamous Sock Photo.

Whenever the sock photo gets over - head to Knitty City on 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam (west side)
Maybe the The Yarn Company after that - Disclaimer: I've never been here, but I want to see if the people are really as evil as everyone claims, and it's sorta in the neighborhood.

~ 5ish - I'm thinking it'll be about time to grab something to eat somewhere and wait in line to get into the event itself on 27th and 7th ave at FIT's Haft Auditorium.

So how does that sound?

I've been quite busy knitting though, even if I haven't been busy with blogging about knitting. I'm sure the first thing on everyone's mind is "how's the sweater coming?"
The sweater is coming:

Reflection Aran Pullover progress 3-17

I've got about 18" for the front, and I need to reach 23.5" before I can start in on the neck. It is looking quite lovely though.

Reflection Aran Pullover front glamor shot

Mentally, I'm totally done with this sweater. Physically, obviously I have quite a bit to go even after I finish the front. My brother asked if he could have it for Easter. We'll see, but probably not. I'm working on it as much as I can without vomiting over the color (sure, it's pretty, but after seeing it sooooo much, it's really driving me close to vomiting).

Onto the next item...the Icarus Shawl. This one has been slow for me. It's my first real attempt at lace. I just started the third chart though.

Icarus shawl detail

Since I didn't have a sock to work on for my trip to Denver and back, I brought along my Icarus shawl. I got quite a few rows done. I think it's gotten quite a bit bigger since you've seen it last:

Icarus Shawl

I caved and bought one of those Know Knits pouches to put my yarn in. It looked like the small size was perfect for socks or my Icarus. I can fit the photocopied chart, a ball of yarn and the whole shawl into that bag. It's really handy to carry around. I'm not even worried about spilling anything on my knitting while it's in my bag anymore! I'm really liking the pattern and liking the yarn Misti Alpaca lace weight even more. It's so soft and luxurious!

I guess that's all for now, I should stop doing these marathon posts! Hope to see you at the book launch day long party!!


schrodinger said...

Thursday sounds like a great day. I'm sad that I have to work :( At least I'll get to FIT later.

Sorry brother's sweater makes you want to puke, that's not good. On the bright side, it's looking great, and I'm sure he will love it once it's done :)

AJ said...

The sweater is looking marvelous. I can understand being fed up with your WIP's. That's why I counted mine out yesterday and found that I have 16! I, too, easily get fed up with a yarn, a pattern, the needles...Whatever! :P

Rebecca said...

Whoa! What a Big Day of Knitting you have planned! Sounds like fun - what happened to the t-shirts?

Dana said...

How will we know each other (besides the socks)? And if we can't make the Today show should we just show up at School Products?

Joe & Beth said...

Hey - total stranger here who found you via the Harlot. I'm an upstater and can't get to NYC until about 2:30 or so, but I'd love to meet up with some knittas before the main event. Can I join you guys? :)

forgetfulstitcher9 said...

I just happened upon your blog from the Yarn Harlots and wannted to check out what your "Yarn Crawl" was going to exist of. Unfortunately I won't be able to join you as I made a commitment to one of my BFF's to do lunch. But what I wanted to tell you is that the people at the Yarn Company ARE as horrible as you have heard. That was the first "real" yarn shop I ever shopped in, in my life (well except for the ones my mother took me to when I was like 7), but they were horrible. They were snobby and expected that I should know everything when I was very up front that I was a beginner. My next exerience with them was when my girlfriend and I decided to sign up for a beginner class with them, and I got sick 2 days before with the flu and ad a fever of 104.5, and obviously had to cancel. I tried to see if I could reschedule due to the unexpected serious circumstances, and their answer was an ABSOLUTE "NO!!!" The would not refund the $70 I had put out for the one lesson, but I was more than welcome to schedule another one, but I would be expected to pay for that one as well. Knit NY on 14th is awesome!

BTW, I LOVE, just LOVE the sweater you are knitting. Ok, I have blabbed on and on for awhile. Maybe I will see you in the throngs tomorrow. I'll be wearing my newly finished grey Odessa Hat (by Grumperina)

PassionKNITly said...

Glad you liked the sweater...if only I could finish it! He keeps asking about it!

I'm trying to log in from work to post about how the yarn crawl went, but for some reason my work won't let me log onto blogger, but they will let me log onto livejournal and myspace. Go figure.