Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Brother's Reflection Aran Pullover

I gave my brother the Reflection Aran Pullover today.

my brother should be a model 2

It fits! I was mostly concerned about the arms because my brother's rather muscular thanks to the amount he plays baseball and the physical labor job he's got. But it does fit him quite well.

My brother though, he really should be a model.

my brother should be a model

I think he likes it:

i think he likes it!

I made him sign copies of the rules and copied all the blog entries on the sweater and the email I sent to my family with pictures of the sweater. Then I blew up the photo I took where I spliced his head onto the sweater. And I bound it all up. I'll bring a copy to SNB this week.

Tales of a Hand-knit sweater


schrodinger said... You actually finished it. Congratulations!! What a great fit it is too, and brother looks happy with it, which is most important :)

johanna said...

Hm, I think your brother's got the pensive-male-model look down =D It looks like a perfect fit -- bravo!

john said...

Will you give your brother my phone number? :)

Mary said...

The sweater looks wonderful! I just love the idea of the signed rules and the bound copy of the saga of the sweater. This is something I may have to do for a certain family member's knitted gift.