Friday, April 13, 2007

Sweater Rules

Ok, ok, ok! I know I've been like milking this sweater for what it's worth, but just two more posts on it and then I'll get back to the Uptown Boot Socks or Icarus or Ann's Midnight Dot Mittens or even start in on the Wedgewood Blouse.

I think, however, that I have a finalized list of rules for my brother and his Reflection Aran Pullover:

Sweater Rules

  1. Your sweater has a name. It's called The Reflection Aran Pullover

  2. The Reflection Aran Pullover must not be placed in the dryer. When in doubt - dryclean it.

  3. You shall not give The Reflection Aran Pullover to ANYONE.

  4. You are not to offer the creator's* knitting services to anyone. I made this for you because I love you.

  5. At no point during the life of The Reflection Aran Pullover shall you say "it doesn't fit." I don't care if it fits. It's more a gift of an infinite amount of precious finitude fromone human to anohter as a token of love than it is a wearable garment. Once you see it this way, we shall have no problems.

  6. At no point during the life of The Reflection Aran Pullover shall you say that you "don't like it." For rationale, see above.
  7. Whenever someone admires The Reflection Aran Pullover verbally, you shall respond "Thank you, my sister made it for me." Please emphasize the word "made."

  8. The creator of The Reflection Aran Pullover is exempt from giving the recipient a birthday present this year.

  9. Upon receipt of The Reflection Aran Pullover, you shall grant the creator a good photograph of you wearing it.**

  10. You shall not wear The Reflection Aran Pullover for a normal day of work.

  11. Horsing around in The Reflection Aran Pullover is in direct violation of this contract.

  12. Should you die, you shall leave The Reflection Aran Pullover to the creator.

  13. You shall wear The Reflection Aran Pullover to at least one extended family event at which the creator is present.

* The name of the creator can be found on the nifty label that is attached to The Reflection Aran Pullover if you flip up the front ribbing on the left hand side of the garment as you're wearing it.
** Since the word "good" is subjective, the creator will decide whether the quality of the photograph taken is up to snuff.

These rules seem reasonable to me.


Desiknitter said...

Hahahaha! I came here via the gorgeous gorgeous photos on the knitalong. I like your rules, infact I might borrow them for some of my own gift labels. I particularly like #4, 12 and 13.
Excellent job, the sweater is truly lovely, and your brother is lucky!

knitaly said...

I totally agree with you, but do these rules seem reasonable to your brother too? (^_^)

Laura said...

I followed the link from the kal also. I love the rules. I think the rules rock and I may be borrowing some of the rules for future gifts.

Susi said...

awesome rules, you really rock!