Monday, April 30, 2007

Wedgewood Blouse progress

See, the thing is that when I actually knit projects well, I have nothing to blog about. This project has gone quite smoothly so far.


11" of mindless reverse stockinette, done. I just cast on for the first sleeve, which is about 2" or so. I should be able to finish both sleeves tomorrow at SNB I think. Then on to the yoke!

I remember talking about ribbed socks with a cable down the side out of the Socks that Rock that Kimmy gave me, but I honestly haven't even started them. I started remembering that I don't wear socks during the I've no idea what I'll be knitting. I'll probably still knit them once I'm done with the Wedgewood Blouse, but it's a little different because I probably won't be wearing them as soon as I finish them. It kinda makes me sad, maybe I'll wear them around the apartment or something.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

The sweater is coming along nicely. As for my hank of STR RI-Red, I need to figure out what pattern to use too! :) Btw, I like the new background -- the colors are bright and happy.

Neo said...

PK - Ya could knit me a guitar case. ;)


- Neo

AJ said...

Looking good. I love mindless stockinette stitch! It's soothing to a knitters hands!

schrodinger said...

mindless stockinette can be just the ticket sometimes. and it can be really tricky getting knitting inspiration when the weather starts getting warmer can't it?