Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tangled Yoke Cardigan Has a Body!


Sittin pretty:
Body 2

14.5 inches of Tangled Yoke Cardigan! Save for that tiny glitch with the wording, this whole thing has been quite a walk in the park. I'm hoping I can finish it rather soon since it's felt like spring since January. My office is sporadically chilly, and it'll be great to have a hand knitted cardigan around to keep me warm.

Here, check out some details:
Body 1

Really, that's about all that's going on. However, I've got a pair of socks on my needles as well, and since I have a ridiculous amount of travel coming up, those should be finished shortly. They're more Noro socks, but I'm trying out the Blue Sky Master Sock pattern from Cat Bordhi's new book. I haven't gotten to anything too crazy, which is bad as far as blog fodder is concerned! At least I have my sanity!

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lekkercraft said...

looking good! I love that deep red.