Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Hip Scarf will happen!

Alright, so I'm almost finished with the Opera Gloves. I have to name them (O Gloves?), finish up writing the pattern, and there are just a few more rows before I add the finishing touches.

What this means is that I'm looking ahead. I went to M&J Trimmings on Saturday to check out what they had. I was feeling inspired from the Belly Dancing class that made me sore for three days after. I found some metal coin things - but they only had one package of 100 pieces. I called them yesterday to see if they were getting any more anytime soon. The verdict is no. They won't be getting any soon. Thing is, these janglies were $4.99 for 100 pieces. I did some looking around on Saturday, and I found one place that had 144 for $95 and another place that would give me 144 pieces for about $18. Now, I'm thinking that I could use anywhere between 200 and 300 pieces, so I'm a little less excited about spending $18 for 144 pieces. I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have any suggestions? I might call my mom and see if she can stop off at a Michaels or a AC Moore or something on her way home from work and mail something like that to me. I'm getting frantic.

For a backup interim project, I decided that I'd start a pair of those socks from the Winter 05/06 Interweave Knits. I posted a picture of them before. The ones with the leaves. I don't really want to do anything on tiny needles anymore, but I could use another pair of socks, and these ones are so pretty!

In knitting Olympic news: My Sierra came in today from Knit Picks! I have it here at work and I need to wind it all and start swatching and all that. I need to really look at the pattern. My yarn isn't going to stretch as much as the Rowan Cotton Tape they used for the original. I also have to really seriously look at the pattern to see how to make it fit. The fact that it doesn't stretch as much might mean a problem. Overall, I thought the Sierra was going to be a bit softer than it actually is. I'll post pictures of it when I get it home.

Also, in web news, my friend showed me a bit of how to take an image in photoshop and turn it into a web layout. I think I'm going to read more about that, but perhaps the look of PassionKNITly will be changing....


carrie said...

i love your olympics project! that's going to look great. i think i'm doing some lace knitting.

i also really love cast-on and definitely felt inspired by her.

oh, and i'm totally jealous of your swift and ball winder.

johanna said...

Re the janglies, have you tried looking in bead shops? There are a bunch of them just north of M&J, on 6th ave -- or Daytona Trimming is another big trim/notions shop...