Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quick Post before Belly Dancing Class

I started taking a belly dancing class, it's really really cool! Sometime soon I think my friend from SNB who takes the class with me, and I are going to have to make a nifty little shawl/scarf thing with jingles on it to tie around our hips.

Anyway, I finished one of the opera gloves! I just need to finish writing out the pattern and try to see if I can follow it. If it's in English etc. I'm uber excited about it. The glove came out gorgeously, and both Jill and Jill tried it on (their arms are much different than my own) and the glove fit them! Not only did it fit them, but it looked fabulous on both of them! I've been trying to write the pattern for a week now, and I really just need to sit down and do it. I also need to cast on and try it, but I've been itching to try that sock pattern as well - which makes me want to speed knit the second glove.

But speed knitting requires knitting on the subway, and I really want to finish the book I'm currently reading because it's taking so long to finish it. I like the book, but it's a really really slow plot - which is something I'm not used to. Next up on my reading list is Maggie Sefton's Needled to Death.

In other almost knitting related news, I started a live journal community for knitting Olympians. I started it last night around midnight, and already there's a bunch of people that have signed up. I'm really excited. I wanted to see like WIP shots and stuff. Partially to make sure that I keep myself on track, and partially because that kind of stuff is so damned interesting. I'm excited about starting the challenge and I can't wait to get my Sierra so I can start swatching!!! :)


Meg said...

I've been wanting to read Maggie Sefton's books ever since I saw them at the bookstore, but I didn't have enough money on hand to buy one! Honestly, a murder mystery is good... but when knitting's involved, it's got to be a masterpiece!

PassionKNITly said...

hey, email me your address. I'll see if i can find one around the office, or I'll send you my copy after I read it.

She's published by an imprint that's owned by my company.

They're not amazing, but I really like them because they're fun to read and have patterns and recipies inside. i've got a ton of books in my apartment anyway. I don't need to keep these.