Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Giving in and Finishing Up

Whilst doing my laundry, I managed to finish the Ruffle Scarf from Scarf Style...
et voila:

forgive the zit in the middle of my chin please.

It's made of Lamb's Pride Bulky in Mulberry and Brite Blue. I had a hard time starting this because I didn't find anywhere online that said how to do this in two colors. I ended up wrapping the unused color around the first stitch of the new color when switching. Since it's in short rows, you actually do like eight rows before you need to do that. It keeps twisting the yarn, but whatever, it works in the end. It's pretty short, which is good because I have a lot of long scarves, and I'll be able to make mittens out of what's left over. I already got a few compliments on it by people at work. I like it when that happens.

*Oh, and the sweater was a Christmas present from my aunt - an Ann Taylor loft original - not mine. I have yet to venture to the world of sweaters but intend to quite soon...

So I went to School Products yesterday. It was glorious! SOOO many soft yarns! They had tons of cashmere that I told myself I wouldn't buy and like every Aurora yarn ever made. Come to find out, the guy who owns the store started the Aurora line! When I found that out, you have to understand, I needed to buy the Aurora 4.

Yarn in hand, I proceeded towards Downtown Yarns. I met some very friendly people there (and an adorable canine) and realized that that is the place to go for needles in Manhattan. They have all the needles I could ever possibly want. Except maybe some Addi turbos (I wasn't really looking for them and thus could not tell) but Addi's are expensive anyway, and should not be just everywhere for me to get or I will end up spending almost as much money on needles I don't need as yarn.

I started swatching for the Over the Knee Stockings. They're going to be decadent, I can already tell! I'm having issues with the newsboy hat for my cousin. I frogged it. Next attempt will be with two strands held together and the normal needles. I think I'll have enough yarn, if not, I'll make the brim out of something interesting, assuming that I make it that far. I hope so, because at this point, I really hate this hat.


Banananutcakeriddlepea said...

Gosh! I wish I could knit. I've bookmarked your blog, and when I have more time I will check out your knitting links.

Great sweater & scarf.

PassionKNITly said...


Knitting's not that hard to pick up. When you're ready, check out the Knittnig Help.com link or get the Klutz Knitting kit. I started that way and figured that if they could teach 11 year olds to knit from it, i could get it too!